Open Letter to Austin’s City Council

First of all, I’d like to applaud your efforts against Uber and Airbnb to ensure the safety of Austin’s citizens. Thank you. But I wanted to draw your attention to a serious risk you may have overlooked. The regulations you enacted against Uber forced the company to discontinue their dangerous ride sharing services, but it did not stop them from offering their ‘UberEats’ business to Austin residents.

Uber continues to employ drivers who are statistically more likely to commit assaults and rapes for this food delivery service. Through the use of Uber’s app the company is putting customers at grave risk by sending these potentially dangerous individuals to our homes. Beyond the risk to our personal safety there are important food safety issues to consider.

Ensuring that food vendors comply with health codes and regulations is the responsibility of the City of Austin. The CDC estimates that each year foodborne illnesses make 48 million sick, hospitalize 128,000, and kill 3,000 Americans. What sort of food safety or handling training do Uber’s drivers undergo? How frequently does the City of Austin inspect the food delivery vehicles? What are the standards? If the City has issued guidelines is their any assurance the drivers are following them? Give the propensity of Uber drivers to assault and rape their passengers how can we trust them to handle our food safely?



(Association of Concerned Citizens Against Sharing Economy Startups)

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