No. Today’s left-wing populists are ‘punching up’, i.e.,
Jonathan M Smucker

Populists Are Tearing America Apart

Jonathan Smucker suggests that the ‘progressive left’s’ tactic of dehumanizing and demonizing billionaires and political structures like law enforcement is different from Donald Trump’s rhetoric related to immigrants and Muslims. I contend it is EXACTLY the same thing — and it is even more dangerous — scapegoating an entire class whether they are immigrants, muslims, or billionaires WILL tear apart our republic. We’re seeing the effects of their rhetoric in the streets of American cities like Milwaukee — it will get worse.

The reality is that Donald Trump HAS been scapegoating immigrants who violate various laws (both here and abroad) — there ARE more nuanced ways to work to keep undesirable forces out of this country versus demonizing and dehumanizing them. Trump has been scapegoating Islamic extremists in the same way — again there ARE better ways to deal with the very real problem the world is facing. That being said Progressives are doing the same thing to billionaires — dehumanizing and demonizing them — despite the fact that the majority of the very wealthy are left of center in their politics. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and George Soros — are the wealthiest people on the planet and they are often described as progressives using their wealth to promote progressive political agendas.

The reality there are good billionaires and bad billionaires. There are good illegal immigrants and bad illegal immigrants. There are good Islamic extremists and bad Islamic extremist. We should engage and debate the issues — not the people.

The dehumanization and demonization of power structures like law enforcement allows progressives who typically identify as “powerless” to take to the streets like they did Milwaukee this weekend. Black Lives Matter/Black Power rioters burned cars, building, attacked police and targeted whites for beatdowns to exact their revenge of a shooting of an armed felon named Slyville Smith. Not one #BLM or Black Power protestor felt sorry for Slyville — none of them would have invited him into their homes — none of them would have let him babysit their children. It wasn’t about Slyville — it was about attacking power structures that the left has been dehumanizing and demonizing for years. If the progressive left doesn’t find another way to advance their agenda this is what America will look like: