Revisionist History and the Democrats

Pundits are giving Bill Clinton a hard time about his speech at the DNC convention yesterday where he told stories of his marriage — conveniently forgetting the inconvenient truth that his marriage to the Democratic nominee was perhaps one of the “most famous troubled marriages in America”. Rachel Maddow found his speech, “shocking and rude.” Of course Bill is simply engaging in a little revisionist history — something that Democrats do a lot.

For example, if the Democrats had their way Hillary would have never been their nominee. Very few of my friends realize that the Democratic Party voted against a woman’s right to vote in 1915 — Democrats in the House of Representatives famously voted against the 19th Amendment (170–85). By 1919 Woodrow Wilson had pleaded with his party to support the bill and eventually it passed with almost double the number of Republicans (200) voting for the bill than Democrats (102).

At the end of the day the Democrats can’t accept the fact they’re the party of slavery and Jim Crow — so you can see how Bill feels comfortable glossing over his own transgressions.

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