Code violation #1, for coaching, is a mess to parse. It is, indeed, a rule that players are not to receive coaching from the stands during a match. I hesitate to speak in absolutes, but everyone does it. Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena’s coach, didn’t miss a beat in admitting that he was making gestural suggestions from the stands (and that she wasn’t even looking at him). He also pointed out, as every tennis fan has witnessed, that everyone does it. We’ve seen coaches in the box nodding and gesturing to their players regularly. It is widely regarded as a silly rule, one that is not often penalized. Cut to a Grand Slam final, with tennis’ GOAT, and suddenly it’s a rule, front and center. Yes, it’s a rule. But, precedent and consistency.
Serena and the Male Judge
Lisa Renee

This is the biggest issue I see here. The real reason this issue came up at this Open was the recent rule change allowing coaching during qualifying rounds. Given this rule change they were actually enforcing the rule prohibiting coaching during the elimination rounds — and that is why Serena got penalized. But the real issue was the admission that her coach made shortly after her loss. Patrick Mouratoglou admitted that he’s ALWAYS coached Williams during her title wins — 100% of the time. He excused the cheating by explaining that everyone does it all of the time. Similar to Lance Armstrong’s excuse — everyone was doping all of the time… The real question we should be asking is whether or not Serena should be stripped of all 39 of her titles…

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