“What are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just sitting here lost in a fantasy.”

“Am I in it?”

“Of course.”

“What am I doing?”

“Well, since you asked, you’re pulling off your T-shirt.”

“Like this?”

“Uh, yeah. Just like that.”

“And what are you doing?”

“Just watching. And stroking my cock.”

“So show me.”

“Okay. But no touching. This is a fantasy.”

“Now what am I doing?”

“You’re holding your breasts in your hands, squeezing them together and pinching your nipples.”

“Like this?”

“God, yes.”

“I see you’re still stroking. What next?”

“You take off your pants.”

“Okay, but no touching. And then?”

“You slide one hand between your legs and get your fingers wet. Then you start rubbing your clit.”

“Wait. One thing at a time. First watch me get my fingers wet.”


“And what’s my other hand doing?”

“Still playing with your breasts.”

“Mmmmm… Can I touch my clit yet?”

“No, wait. Put two fingers inside yourself.”

“Oh, God. Now you’re teasing me!”

“Slide them in and out.”

“Ooooh shit. Please let me touch my clit now.”

“A little more. Let me see how wet you are. Okay, now.”


“You read my mind. I was just going to say you should drop to your knees.”

“Now what?”

“Keep touching yourself.”

“Thank you. Is this how it ends?”

“No. Now I stand right in front of you stroking my cock.”

“Mmmm… You look delicious.”

“No tasting. Just keep touching yourself. And tip your head back. Open your mouth.”

“Are you going to cum on my face, you naughty boy?”

“No talking. Let me see your tongue.”


“Perfect. Don’t move.”

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