Let’s Spend the Day in Bed

I wake up and watch her. Her red, curly hair flows across her bare shoulders, drawing my attention to the curves of her breasts and the rising and falling of her breathing. She smiles sweetly as her eyes flutter open and notice my hand cupping her breast and a finger circling her nipple. She smiles again as the first wave of pleasure begins to flow throughout her body.

I squeeze and caress one breast and suck lovingly on the other. As I lick her nipples, her thighs spread, and I use my leg to spread her even wider apart. Her ass and pussy are clenching, moving up and down, and I can see her wetness seeping out from her slit and dripping down her inner thighs.

I push two fingers inside her as my tongue sucks on her clit. Her pussy overflows with juices, begging for more and more. My tongue dives in and out, and I revel in the sensations of her spasms squeezing my tongue as I force it deep inside her, over and over, deeper and harder, taking her all the way there.

I enjoy cumming all over his face but love giving him head even more. His pleasure is something I like to control. I can bring him to the edge and hold him there as long as I want any time I want. This is not one of those times. Today, I want his cum, and I want it now.

I kneel beside him and grip his shaft, smothering it with kisses as I gently lick his balls. It is a perfect combination of love and lusty pleasure for both of us as I pump his cock with my mouth until he shoots his load down my throat.

Soon we are in each other’s arms again, enjoying a passionate embrace, loving the sensations of sticky wetness between us. Our kisses are an amazing shared taste of cum and creamy pussy wetness, our arms and legs tangled as we melt into each other.

We are both experiencing a morning too good to end, and the heat of our kiss promises it’s not over yet. We both love a good, quick orgasm, but there is also something to be said for slow, tender lovemaking, giving and receiving pleasure for so long it finally becomes irresistible, an explosive release triggered by one last thrust. Perhaps a quick call to the office. It looks like it’s going to be a long, lazy day of lovemaking.