Reading Erotica

After finishing writing and editing, I am feeling too wired to sleep even at 3am. Maybe I’ll scroll through to read and relax. I choose a story that looks interesting and quickly becomes arousing, and I feel a twinge of anticipation between my legs. Without putting down my phone, I move my left hand to my breasts and begin to rub my nipples gently. I pinch them hard, and they respond. I let my fingers linger, enjoying the sensation, and then slowly slide my hand down across my belly to the crease between my pelvis and thigh.

Thinking about how I am going to touch myself in just a while always makes me wet while I mentally build on the excitement of what is to come. I move my hand right above my mound without making contact and can feel its heat rising to meet my palm and fingers. My clit is throbbing with the anticipation of pleasure, and my face flushes as the flow of arousal slowly spreads throughout my entire body.

Finally, I allow one finger to touch my slit softly, to feel my accumulated silky wetness. My finger trails slowly up and down from bottom to top and back down again. Up and down, up and down, still without any pressure. Then I circle my pulsating clit slowly until I can’t take it one more second, and without hesitation, I plunge my finger inside and finally give up on the erotic story I’ve been reading and place my phone down on the bed.

My heart is now pounding, and I raise my ass in the air to push my pussy hard against my right hand. The middle finger of my left hand continues to move in and out, now taking on a life of its own, while my right thumb begins to rub my clit fast and hard, faster and harder. Waves of ecstasy explode underneath my hands, and finally my body sinks back onto the bed as my breathing slows.

Now ready to sleep, I bookmark the story that brought about my enjoyment, and I smile, knowing that I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

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