Tease Me

We walk up the narrow stairs of the B&B and into our bedroom, a sunny space dominated by a big brass bed. The first thing you do is remove your shoes and slip off your jeans. You stand in front of me in your sleeveless silk shirt and lacy black panties. You step up to me and drop your arms around my neck. One of your fingers traces a line from my lips, down my chest, and across my belt. You take my zipper and slowly lower it.

With a kiss, I mention I have something for you. Your eyebrows raised, you watch me arranging the four pillows in one pile against the brass rails of the head of the bed. Smiling with curiosity, you lie back comfortably on the pillows. I tell you to close your eyes, and you do.

You feel me climb onto the bed and straddle your hips. I take the bottom of your shirt and slowly lift it over your head and pull it along your up-stretched arms. With the shirt off, I hold your wrists with one hand and slip a soft loop of cashmere around them with the other. I tell you to open your eyes as I snug up the loop and secure it to the top rail of the headboard.

You look up, and I ask if you want me. Your eyes tell me you do as they wander across my bare chest and stomach and settle on my erection.

“Then what we’re doing is this,” I say. “You are going to lie there and enjoy yourself, and I’m going to give you what you want. You’ll get everything you want.” I put a hand behind your head and gently lift it off the pillows until your lips are just touching the cotton of my briefs. “But first, you’re going to have to wait. And then you’ll have to beg for it.”

I take your chin in my hand and tip your head up. I lower mine but stop before our lips meet. I blow on your lips and then brush mine across them, as light as a feather. I nuzzle your hair and run my tongue up the edge of your ear and then tip my head and move in for a kiss. I stop. I flick your lips with the tip of my tongue, but then I kiss you, and you are hungry for my lips and my tongue. I hug your head to my chest, kissing your hair. I kiss your forehead, I kiss each eye. With your face cradled in my hands, I kiss your lips softly, a long, loving kiss.

I kiss your neck. I slide down and kiss your chest, and kiss it again, wet kisses that leave traces on your skin. I hold a breast in each hand, kissing the side of one and then running my tongue across your skin to kiss the side of the other, and then back. I run my tongue in a circle around your nipple, close, but not touching it. I put your breast into my open mouth and hold it there, not moving, but then I flick your nipple one time with the tip of my tongue. You draw a sharp breath.

I repeat this with your other breast, this time waiting to lick your nipple until you begin to shift your body, and I can hear your breathing. I lick it and then lick it again. I take each nipple between a thumb and finger, and I pull just a little, and then I twist just a little. Your eyes are focused on my hands, and you release a quiet moan. I pinch just one nipple with my hand. With my mouth an inch away, I let a drop of spit fall from my lips to your nipple, and I rub it with my fingertip.

You look so helpless, and I want you so much right now, but my plan is to make you wait, and I want you to really, really want me as much as I want you. I shift my position so that I turn away from you to catch my breath, and in that instant you say, “Please…” The word comes out involuntarily.

“Please… please touch me…” My voice is saturated with need. I gasp in distress as you pull away from me, tugging against the scarves holding my wrists.

I’m not sure how long I wait for you to turn back to me, but it seems an eternity. You appear to be studying me, and then you give me a wicked grin. You begin licking and kissing over my tummy and back across my hipbone. You spread my legs and bite my inner thigh as I shudder with pleasure and pain. You take your time. You make me wait.

When you finally touch the tip of your tongue to my swollen, wet lips, my legs tremble, and another unfamiliar sound breaks from my throat. You stroke me with your tongue just hard enough to make me want more, and I try to rock up against your mouth as my wetness trickles down my thighs, but you pull away just enough so I can’t reach.

“Please,” I beg. “Please, don’t stop.” I feel desperate for your touch, and I’m shaking and throbbing with an energy that needs release. Unrecognizable thoughts are spinning around in my head as my lust is laid bare for you, and all I can manage to say is “Please,” over and over again.

You lick me harder, grabbing my butt with your hands, pressing your face between my legs. The pleasure is like nothing I’ve ever felt, and my need for more is almost unbearable. Then, without warning, you stop. My groan is almost a shout, but then I see your face, flushed with passion and lust. You are kneeling between my legs, reaching up to my wrists. The tip of your cock brushes the lips of my sex as you free my hands to allow me to reach for you with my arms and hips.

I feel you enter me, driven by your own deep need and passion. You raise and lower yourself, slowly sliding all the way in and out, and then faster and faster until there is no hesitation or control, until I feel your heat rush through me in a surge of release.

We lie still except for the shudder that passes from you to me and back again, and we know we are in the moment for which we had been waiting and longing for all those months, and suddenly we are kissing and laughing, as we always knew we would.

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