Those Shoes

Hanging out at Neimans, we are browsing through the latest from Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and all their buddies. You want shoes, so of course we are checking out the flats from Christian Louboutin. I spot the sexiest heels ever — black patent leather with the trademark scarlet soles and five inch stilettos.

You say, “If you buy them for me, I’ll wear them for you.”

I’m ready to call your bluff, but first I want to raise the ante. I make an excuse and leave you trying on the flats while I visit another floor. I return with three bags, each holding a box. A clerk retrieves a pair of those shoes in your size. As you and I walk to the fitting room, I’m already kissing your hair and neck. I hand you the bags and open the door, telling you to let me know when you’re dressed. Five minutes later the door opens just a crack, and I step in. You lock the door behind me.

You look amazing! Elegant, and at the same time, so very sexy. You put your arms around my neck, surprisingly tall in those heels, and you kiss me, a slow, deep kiss that tells me you like what I chose for you. My hands caress your body in the cashmere sweater as we kiss, and I knead your soft breasts, stroking your nipples through the creamy sweater with my thumbs.

You take a step back, and I sit on the bench while you turn slowly, showing off your round ass in the black, lace pencil skirt, and your legs, so pretty in black, seamed stockings, and of course, those shoes. You lean forward, your hands on my thighs, and kiss me again. Your hands find my cock and massage me, still kissing, and then you unbuckle and open my pants, pulling me out. Bent at the waist, your ass so lovely in that skirt, you suck me into your mouth. You slide your lips and hand up and down my rock hard cock, and then you take my hand and wrap my fingers around my wet shaft. I stroke myself slowly as you step back and twirl around.

The sweater has pearl buttons up the front, and you start at the top, unbuttoning them at an unhurried pace. When all but two are undone you spread the sweater to reveal your breasts. You move your hands to your breasts, squeezing them and pinching your nipples. One hand glides down your body and rubs the front of your skirt, touching yourself as your hips slowly rotate.

I spread my legs and hike up my skirt just enough to show the garters clipped to the tops of my black stockings. I kneel on the bench, straddling your hips while you stroke your cock, and lean forward, pressing a breast into your mouth. With one hand on your cock, the other tracing the curve of my ass, you suck on my breast and bite my nipple.

I stand and straighten my skirt and then lower the zipper in the back. I turn around and tease you, slowly sliding the skirt over my hips. I’m wearing the lacy garter belt you chose and no panties. My ass is framed by the black lace of the belt above and the lacy top of the stockings below. I bend at the waist again, offering myself to you, and I look back over my shoulder with a finger to my lips, asking for quiet.

You stand behind me and run a hand between my legs. I’m already wet so you push the tip of your cock between my lips and slip in. You hold my nearly naked hips in your hands and slowly, noiselessly, you slide into me, and then you slide out. You do it again, and then again, and then begin to rock forward and back rhythmically, lost in the feel of me, so tight and wet.

I stand up straight and reach a hand back to your head, pulling your face to my cheek. You cup my breasts and continue to thrust. You moan quietly, and I press my fingers to your lips, hushing you. You lick my fingertips and suck my fingers into your mouth and then guide my hand down between my legs where I rub my wet fingers over my clit, and now it’s my turn to stifle a moan.

You slip out of me and sit down. I remove my shoes and kneel between your legs, immediately sucking you deep into my throat. I lay the shoes on your hips, sandwiching your cock between them as I suck. I pleasure you with my hand and my lips and my tongue, and the sight of me sucking on you between those shoes must be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. Resisting the urge to groan, you silently orgasm, spraying your load into my mouth. I keep my lips tight around your cock, trying to prevent any cum from dripping out. When you’re done, I neatly slip you out without spilling a drop.

I silently hold up a finger, asking you to wait a moment because I have one last treat. I pick up those shoes, resting the toes under my chin. I release some of your cum from my mouth onto the toe of each shoe and then swallow the rest. The slippery white fluid spreads across the black patent leather to the edge, where sticky drips cling to the red soles. I use my tongue sensually, as if the shoes were your cock, and I lick away every drop, leaving those shoes as shiny and clean as they were new in the box.

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