Why I’m Moving to Mexico
Matt Pasienski

You’re about to experience the ride of your life. Probably you may know already some of what I’m about to share, but Guadalajara is the most mexican city. Most of the things México is famous for come from the Jalisco state which Guadalajara is capital of. “De Cocula es el Mariachi, de Tecalitlán los sones” Mariachi is from Cocula, but the melodies from Tecalitlán. Mariachi music, Tequila, the Charro attire & sport, Tacos and Tortas, Birria, soccer matches just to give a few examples.

When you move here remember to be bold and brave on you taco hunting nights; join a hunting pack and let common sense guide you. If it smells great at a crowded steamy taco stand… Go for it! tongue, stomach, intestines, cheek, eye, pancita, suadero they all taste great. Of course beef it’s alright too, but you don’t wanna be pointed as the wuss of the pack.

Look me up on FB or G+ for taco advice or anything. 
Welcome to Guanatos!

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