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Founded in Europe in 1997, AMW Group began as a concert promotion company bringing US artists to the European market for concert tours and events. AMW introduced well-known performers to new territories, from emerging musicians to award-winning recording artists.

Fast forward many years later, the agency expanded its services and its reach to a global market, offering a premier lineup of entertainment and marketing services.

AMW Group is an award-winning marketing and entertainment agency that has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, talent, and events. AMW prides itself on cultivating an inviting corporate culture that reflects integrity, reliability, and professionalism. With an eye towards innovative thinking, AMW’s team continues to create and implement effective strategies for its clients.

arly Days
What started as a mission to tour US artists through Europe would eventually evolve into something much more prominent in the years to come. AMW’s goal was to bring in mainstream talent from the United States and provide exciting entertainment experiences for those in attendance. These events served as a springboard for the company to grow.

As the success of the events grew, AMW positioned itself as a talent agency and began bringing talent to new territories. In addition to concert promotion, the company was now a top talent agency provider in Europe. Some of the tours AMW promoted during that time include The Fugees, The Roots, Coolio, Public Enemy, and many more.

rom Europe to the US

In the early 2000s, AMW moved from Europe to the US to service clients better. With its talent agency background and successful track record, AMW continued to build relationships with talent buyers, venues, record labels, and artist managers. These connections solidified AMW’s agency status and led AMW to coordinate and manage major concerts and entertainment-based events worldwide.

From the adrenaline-pumping F1 Grand Prix and Dino Beach Theme Park events in Shanghai to the annual exclusive Philharmonie Concert Hall in Luxembourg, AMW quickly became a distinguished talent agency. AMW’s roster consisted of over 200 major artists and DJs such as DJ Cassidy, The Misshapes, Q-Tip, and Paul Sevigny. From this work, AMW Group secured a long list of exclusive clients, including Hard Rock Hotels, The Ritz Carlton, Macy’s, H&M, HBO, E! Channel, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., among others.

Alexandra Richards at the Ritz-Carlton Opening in Vienna

elping Talent Promote Their Work
The move to the US proved to be a pivotal moment in the company’s history. While AMW continued to book major talent for live events, independent artists and smaller record labels began contacting AMW for help with their music projects. Significant artists’ album releases were often promoted by their titles and publicists, which is not usually the case for smaller brands and artists. Many of these clients also needed professional insight and guidance on efficiently and effectively branding their projects on and online.

As the requests for assistance continued to pour in, AMW sought to pave a path for indie artists and smaller brands to be seen and heard. After identifying how the company could best be of service, AMW thoughtfully launched its core entertainment marketing services, officially introducing its Marketing Division in 2009.

Ztilo performs for The Recording Academy

Over the years, AMW’s marketing team has helped thousands of independent brands and artists land coverage in major publications, radio stations, and TV networks. From local newspapers to International trade publications, AMW’s has garnered thousands of pieces of notable press and media for its clients. AMW’s primary marketing services include pr & publicity campaigns, digital ads, outdoor advertisement and billboards, music promotion, NFT promotion and social media management.

PR & Publicity Services
Our PR campaigns utilizes the latest tools and forward-thinking strategies to create a very effective service. We have experiences publicists that oversee all aspects of public relations and communications for our clients. The campaigns highlights key project milestones and reaches targeted major media outlets.

We work top up and coming or well established brands and secure valuable media coverage that builds awareness and trust. Learn more about our PR services.

AMW Entertainment Marketing
AMW offers several attention-getting entertainment marketing services that increase brand awareness. Whether it’s a music release, an NFT project, or an upcoming event, AMW’s talented team is experts at coordinating and developing groundbreaking campaigns. AMW collaborates with its clients to ensure the best results and campaign success.

Music Promotion Examples from past AMW campaigns

Music Promotion
The music industry has changed quite dramatically over the last several years. Fans, music lovers, and industry decision-makers are now discovering popular new music through music streaming and social platforms. From Tik Tok to Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube, music promotion now requires several elements that extend beyond the methods that worked a few years ago.

AMW works with a variety of genres that include but are not limited to pop, R&B, country, hip hop, jazz, electronic, rock, and alternative music. Since the launch of its entertainment marketing services, AMW has helped countless independent artists and record labels gain more recognition taking their careers to new heights. Through AMW’s entertainment marketing services, clients have built their fan bases, increased social media engagement and interaction, and leveraged press coverage for new opportunities.

AMW’s music promotion services include playlist promotion, blog reviews, publicity campaigns, radio promotion, digital ads, Spotify Promo, SoundCloud promo, and more.

AMW Animated Music Car designed by Joseph Watson

NFT Launch and Marketing Services
According to, “NFT transactions have risen from $40.96 million in 2018 to $338.04 million in 2020. That’s an increase of over 8x in two years.” With the global demand for cryptocurrency and NFT projects, more creators are turning to blockchain to convert their latest artwork, music, films, poetry, photography, and much more. Understanding how NFTs work and the continual emergence of blockchain technology is critical to success as an NFT creator. This astounding rise of NFT transactions presented AMW with the opportunity to serve clients interested in launching their blockchain projects.

AMW’s NFT Launch and Marketing service includes a brief introduction to educate clients on how to best position NFT products in the market. This service allows clients to work directly with a team of professionals who possess years of brand marketing experience. AMW currently offers two NFT marketing services which include 1) an NFT creation and 2) an NFT promotion service. These services are geared toward supporting various NFT projects, including music, artwork, photography, and other digital products. Here’s a brief overview of both services.

NFT Creation
AMW’s NFT Creation service starts with the consultation and planning of a client’s project. During this process, the company invites clients to learn about the main benefits of digitizing their project as an NFT. The NFT Creation process involves digitizing a client’s product, whether it be music, artwork, or other creative work, and programming it to be listed as an NFT. The marketing team oversees the professional setup of the NFT and its marketplace listing.

NFT Promotion
AMW’s NFT Promotion service offers clients the opportunity to have their newly minted NFT product professionally marketed to the right audience. This includes a customized NFT launch campaign with an official media announcement that provides information about your NFT product and targeted ads to drive traffic to your NFT. Promotion is the key to maintaining a successful NFT product. An effective NFT promotion campaign can increase revenue, create brand awareness, and create new opportunities for further leveraging a brand.

As the interest and demand for NFTs within the consumer market grows, AMW aims to help creators explore the untapped potential of their products through blockchain technology. With more artists and creators seeking ways to maximize their creative works, learning more about AMW’s NFT service is the first step to getting your project listed in the NFT marketplace.

AMW’s marketing team can assist with the entire process from NFT creation, NFT marketplace listing, and NFT promotion.

Event & Tour Management
AMW offers event & tour management services for all project types. From concerts tours and launch events to office soirees and holiday parties, AMW’s marketing team is ready to assist clients with their events from start to finish. The service covers all aspects of planning and executing a successful event. AMW’s event & tour management services include a review of the project budget, event concepts, event location, staff requirements, catering, special live entertainment requests, and production & design timeline.

AMW Events & Tour Management, Miami Beach, FL

For years, AMW’s has helped brands transform their event concepts into entertaining live productions. From creating captivating customer appreciation experiences for Oakley to coordinating the world release of Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet Tour” DVD & Album for Warner Bros. Records, the team collaborates with clients to bring their vision to life. AMW’s team of experts is available throughout the planning process to answer questions, make recommendations, and facilitate the event.

Additionally, AMW offers promotional services to help its clients market their events. These services include but are not limited to launching publicity campaigns, sponsored posts & advertisements, billboards, and national media announcements.

Entertainment Marketing Event Highlights
For over two decades, AMW Group has been the driving force behind memorable live events and performances. In 2014, AMW had the privilege of working with Oakley, a leader in sports performance eyewear and apparel, to coordinate a special event for a contest event winner. AMW planned a fun-filled day of activities for the lucky winner, including a tour of Oakley headquarters in Lake Forest, California, and several outdoor activities and ATV riding.

Oakley HQ in Foothills, CA

In 2016, AMW produced a world-class national comedy tour for King Abdulaziz Center, which received international recognition for its wit and humor. The “Sand Up Comedy Tour” aimed to bridge the gap between Saudi Arabia and the United States by touring stand-up comedians through major US cities to laugh at and embrace their cultural differences. The tour visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and New York to sold-out audiences. The project’s video ads received millions of impressions on platforms that included Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Turning Points/ Remote Business Platform
In 2020, AMW fully adopted a remote business platform with a talented team of professionals on three continents. The remote business platform was a significant highlight for the company as it introduced new opportunities for growth and expansion. The pivot to remote allowed AMW not only to restructure its team of professionals but opened the door for the company to improve its services further. AMW has continued to maintain a well-balanced structure for its staff and the clients it services.


As entertainment marketing continues to undergo significant changes in the way fans consume content, AMW looks to embrace periods of innovation and opportunity. The entertainment and marketing agency has been a staple at transforming the way brands communicate with their audiences.

AMW invites prospective clients to explore how its creative team can help position their brand for success:

Our powerful PR Campaigns can help you secure the media recognition you need to grow your brand and expand your reach.

AMW’s customized Music Promotion services can be highly beneficial for both emerging and recognized artists. From playlist promotion aimed at building an audience to specialized publicity campaigns geared toward helping artists get media coverage, AMW’s team is always ready to take a project to the next level.

For creatives exploring the NFT space, AMW’s NFT Launch & Marketing services are the perfect solution for creating and properly launching a new NFT project. AMW also offers an NFT promotion service for clients who want to leverage working with a team of industry professionals who can ensure the visibility of their NFT in the marketplace.

When it comes to Event & Tour Management services, AMW’s successful track record of managing concert tours, fashion shows, and private engagements speaks for itself. AMW’s team is well equipped to produce high-quality events for any size company or brand looking to create something special.

In the future, AMW will keep its vision set on providing its clients with premium customer service as one of the industry’s top leaders in entertainment marketing.

To learn more and inquire about AMW services visit:



AMW is an award-winning marketing and entertainment group founded in 1997.

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