Thank You, Mr. Trump

(edited and re-posted)

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for giving me my voice. I am so opposed to nearly everything you stand for that you’ve given me no choice but to pick a side, for once in my life, and speak up for what I believe in and know to be right.

I have always been middle-of-the-road. I’m registered as unaffiliated. I like having the ability to choose freely and not be restricted by allegiance to either side. After some self-analysis, I think it stems from not wanting to be responsible for my choice. For not wanting to be on the losing side of a contest. I’m a perfectionist who likes to always be right and, yes, win. You wouldn’t know that if you knew me. I don’t have a competitive personality, but the truth is I hate losing.

I used to silently cruise down the middle of the road so I would never lose or be part of a losing team.

However, right here, right now, YOU are making me pick a side. I have made a choice and I feel compelled to speak about it. I sincerely thank you for that.

Listen, I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I watched all three debates. As others have noted, you have a modicum of decorum for about 30 minutes and then you lose it. You simply lose it. How are you going to maintain the appearance of leadership and professionalism for four years?

I have to admit that you almost had me at the third debate. You were doing well and your remarks on the economy and trade seemed to make sense. Admittedly, I am not a scholar on either subject, but you almost had me sold on your views and ideas. And then you went ahead and blew it. You called Secretary Clinton a “nasty woman.” That was it. I had endured all of your interruptions and your rude interjections of “wrong” throughout the three debates. I had heard your repulsive 2005 conversation with Billy Bush. I listened to my husband tell me negative things he learned about you while he was reading The Making of Donald Trump. Based on the knowledge that no person is an angel, I had thought that maybe I could overlook your abhorrent personality if your policies could improve the quality of life in the United States. I know that every single past president has had their transgressions. You are — fortunately or unfortunately — living during an era of unprecedented transparency. But after I heard those two words, I felt like a stretched rubber band being launched from a child’s finger. That was the moment MY shackles fell off.

Again, thank you for my new-found confidence and this urgency to speak. Here are a few of the things I know to be right:

I know that you are not a good example for my 9-year-old son. I never want him to think it’s ok to call girls names or, even worse, touch them without their consent and then brag about it. I never want him to think it’s okay to mock disabled people or any other person he may not like for one reason or another. I never want him to think that inciting violence is acceptable. I don’t want him to grow up in a world where the leader of his country threatens to “take out the families” of terrorists. Isn’t that akin to taking out the families of wanted serial killers in our own country? What kind of precedent would you be setting by killing innocent people?

I know that you are not good for women’s rights. You seem to have a habit of judging a woman only by her appearance and criticizing her when her appearance doesn’t meet your criteria. You have bragged about grabbing and kissing women you deem beautiful. Your alleged victims came forward to substantiate the 2005 conversation and you called them liars and threatened to sue them. Again, what kind of precedent are you setting? How will your words affect future attackers and their victims? Your view on abortion is skewed and inconsistent. There are many reasons why a woman (or a girl) would choose to have an abortion. I imagine it to be an agonizing decision that should not be a punishable crime.

I know that you are not good for health care. In order to improve health care, we need to improve the health of our citizens. What is your position on preventative medicine? How is your regimen of fast food and little sleep providing a good example for already sick Americans?

I know that you are not good for the environment and climate change. I know this because there is no mention of either on your website (that I can find). Will the new jobs you promise to create harm or help the environment?

I know that you are not good for National Security. You talk of becoming friends with other countries (namely, Russia) and in the same breath state that you want to increase our military. You’ve resurrected talk of nuclear war. Your plan for a Mexican wall seems unrealistic. You insult people of different nationalities. As I mentioned above, you threatened to kill the families of terrorists. You cast a pall of fear and mistrust over your supporters. I see you as a fearmonger.

That’s enough for now. Once again, thank you, Mr. Trump, for helping me crystallize my beliefs and speak them. I do not think you are fit for the presidency. If you happen to win this election, I promise to speak up whenever I disagree with you and become a fully-engaged citizen in our democracy.


Amy C.

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