Sunday Times: Coast of Many Colours

Amy Carter-James
Jun 14, 2012 · 3 min read

This month Guludo has had a fantastic write up in the Sunday Times Travel magazine. Guludo was the highlight of Amanda’s trip to Mozambique resulting in this great article and our inclusion in their “100 Best Hotels of the World.”

Here are a few of our favourite exerts from Amanda’s article…

“Guludo does exactly what you’d expect a posh five-star to do. It just doesn’t have electricity, golf buggies, an over-priced spa — or towel origami…

“It’s beautiful. You could stay here and do no more than watch vervet monkeys showing off from the comfort of your sun lounger. Or you could learn to dive, submerging yourself in a faraway world where nothing exists except you, the diving instructor and coral as far as the eye can see.

“But Guludo has a secret: unlike those dollar-swallowing Indian Ocean mega-resorts, it was set up with a foundation attached, funding projects in 12 nearby villages, including a feeding plan that guarantees kids a free meal if they turn up at school.

Stunning photos were also taken by Eric Nathan.

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