I Wish I Was Single In The 90s
Shani Silver

I’m 39 and met my same-age husband in person in the year 2000. Some of our friends started internet dating a year or two after we met, and we joked even then about how happy we were to have met in person.

I was never much of a serial dater, but it was easier in the late 90s for sure. You met people through your social scene, you clicked (or not), you dated casually or seriously. And often, you eventually broke up. But it wasn’t like both of you were always glued to your phone and wondering if some stranger whose picture you just saw might be the *real* love of your life (or maybe just better in bed), so maybe you should ghost.

And the music was better, but bars have always been too loud.

On the plus side, the first friend of ours who started internet dating is gay. If you’re not into the gay bar scene (and he never has been), you can imagine how much easier the internet made things for him. No more wondering if the cute guy at the book store might beat you up if you approached him and tried to casually flirt…

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