how satisfying it is to light a match

Image via Jamie Street.

i would light my candles with an old lighter, but it didn’t seem like enough. so i wished for matches.

the matchbox says cafe medina. i’m reminded how lucky i am
to eat so pleasurably.

the match is like every other match — a burst of contraction before release,
into a dazzling petal of hot silk.

you can light the wick quickly. (you might think quickly means efficiently. but it just means quickly.) or hold the match to the bottom of the wick and heat it from below.

if you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to control fire with the mind, it is.
i’ve seen it.
i may have even done it.

fire is ancient wisdom. it is survival.

protection, a feast, a celebration:
safety, nourishment, pleasure (in that order)

i don’t actually remember the last time i bought a lighter. i may buy one again.
but i’d rather not

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