A Saturday dinner

I started to live alone since this August. School time is flexible so that I am able to cook myself. I would love to take each cooking chance as a task or a challenge. Turn all available ingredients and resources I had at the time for a yummy meal. The interesting part is to think about the way how to cook and combine all limited resources together to match my mood. It feels like a way to communicate with myself and comfort myself. After all it helps me maintain my life in a positive ecosystem.

Date: August 22nd, 2015

Meal: dinner

Ingredients: flat bread, egg, chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, onion

Cooking time: 20 mins

Part A: stir fried chicken

Chicken breast (microwave-unfrozen), cucumber, onion
Heat up some olive oil (the only cooking oil I have)
Heat up the onion and a little bit of the spicy sauce (老干妈)
Put chicken in…stir…
Then followed by cucumber, and stir…
Stir till all ingredients get cooked. Put it aside for later use.

Part B: egg omelet and flatbread

tomato, eggs, green onion
the flat bread
Heat up butter
egg omelet
Heat up the bread
Stuff in our pre-cooked chicken and egg omelet

Time for dinner

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