Amy Dacker — Why don’t you make everyone’s life easier by stating the maximum salary you could pay…


It sounds like you have some negative interactions with recruiters. There are plenty of unethical recruiters -I have worked along side many. I am sorry you have never found a recruiter who was helpful to you. We are not all a bunch of evil, greedy, cut-throat professionals bent only on our way. There are about just as many bad eggs as there are in any other profession.

Accusing people in Recruitment and HR of making life harder, making up what positions pay, decreasing salaries, and wanting the most money above the well being of others is an attack. Making blanket assumptions about people you do not understand probably won’t help you or your career.

An interesting truth I have discovered about people; Folks are often paranoid about others doing things to them, they themselves are the most guilty of.

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