From a Former Homeschooler

The world has gone crazy, and it is looking increasingly likely that schools will not return to class for the rest of the semester. Parents are suddenly faced with the choice of either homeschooling their kids or letting them play videogames all day for the next five months. …

Hands stained red

You hate being queen.

You hate the stares you get everywhere you go. You hate the suffocating expectations, the loneliness that is always lurking at the edge of the room.

Most of all you hate the act you and the king play. Two strangers in a careful dance, playing out…

I don’t know what I’m doing but luckily neither does anybody else.

Chicken and Waffles are yummy. The soft, sweet waffles mix with the savory, almost crunchy chicken. I will get them whenever they are on the menu.

The thing is, I am not exactly sure how to eat them. Chicken tenders are finger food but you eat waffles with a fork…

Reflection 2.0 has been installed.

Reflection 2.0 has been installed.

Aryst rushed towards her Mirror(TM). This update had taken forever to upload.

The Mirror stood full length against the wall. Since it was asleep, it reflected the room without warp or blemish. The little gears scattered around the corners of all the inventions Aryst had…

It’s always too late

The sign in front of the fairy ring has three rules.

  1. Never tell the Fae your name.
  2. Neither eat nor drink anything that is offered to you.
  3. Return before morning, lest you never return at all.

Some folks don’t read the signs. They are snatched up within thirty seconds of…

Don’t tickle a sleeping dragon

The dragon had been there since Tuesday.

It sprawled over the pass like a fallen rug. Yellow scales glinted like gold in the sunlight. The only sign of life was an occasional twitch of its spiked tail and the rise and fall of its chest, so slow that Terrance had…

“Roland son of Hedrick, you are better than this!” Elidian, Wizard of Arthos, stalked up the stairs, staff striking the ground every other step.

His voice sounded unnaturally loud over the broken and silent battlefield. Crows pecked at bodies slumped over each other. The army had moved on hours before…

Someone pounded on the door.

Annabelle sprang out of bed and grabbed her gun. Her nightgown swished around her ankles as she ran for the hallway, bare feet hitting the worn wooden floor.

A voice came from the other side of the door. “Good grief man. Do you have to…

“We need a business model that isn’t so dependent on the moon,” Tess complained. She brushed a lock of strawberry-red hair away from her face and tossed a sheet over the clothesline. Five stretches of clothesline were strung from tree to tree and they were only on the second.


Amy Caylor

Lover of Words, Stories, and Dragons. Freelance writer and editor.

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