Correspondence between Brian Hunter and Jane Brown on August 22, 1956.

Amy Caylor
Jul 19 · 5 min read

Dear Brian,

I’ve gathered the preliminary reports on the attack on Blueford. We still have officers looking for more evidence — how the Stills got in, what their resources are, and if they had help. Leonardo Des remains unaccounted for. Here are the reports. More are on their way.

Sign placed at the entrance to Blueford University (Vandalized, perhaps by the Stills. )

WARNING. This is a camera:

Drawn by Blueford’s own Professor Granet

If you see one pointed towards you, turn away immediately. Cover your face. If at all possible, maneuver objects between you and the camera. Whatever you do, do not look directly at a camera.

It would be the last thing you ever saw.

Note: Witnesses say the sign was unscathed when they arrived in the morning. It was vandalized after classes had started. It was both painted over and deeply scratched. Perhaps the Still did it before it entered HIS35? Can they read? It may have been a student, but no one has come forward.

Advertisement for Blueford University (Missing)

Drawn by Professor Timothy Granet

Blueford University is proud to be the home of many emerging artists, producing more Certified Painters than anywhere else in the country. The more realistic the painting, the more it can be used by the Portraits — and Blueford is the leading university in hyperrealism. Our Painters are pioneering the war against the Stills. Here, painters learn the intricacies of art and how to bring their works to life.

Located in Blueford, North Carolina, the university was founded to train and equip the next generation of Painters. Four of the top ten Painters of the country came from Blueford. We specialize exclusively in paint, the medium shown to be most effective against the Soul Stealers.

We also offer top of the line defenses against the Stills. The Portrait’s own Mona Lisa personally defends our university. Veils are worn all across campus so cameras cannot capture the image of students, professors, or other staff.

If you want to join the next generation of Elite Painters, consider Blueford University as your choice for higher education. We offer tours in the spring and fall. Contact Daisy Miller for more information.

Note: Over a thousand pamphlets advertising Blueford have gone missing. The secretary, Daisy Miller, says she saw someone unveiled messing with them, perhaps a Still, but it is believed that they were simply misplaced.

Transcript of Attack on Blueford University, North Carolina, at 14:17, August 21, 1956, room HIS35

Recorded from HIS35’s audio recording device with some context from witness interviews.


Professor Hent: Who was the first Portrait to come alive? Anyone?

Angela Livington: Mona Lisa.

Hent: Correct. Mona Lisa. Why? Mr. Fulling?

John Fulling: Her picture was taken.

Hent: Can you expand on that? Wouldn’t taking her picture steal her soul?

Fulling: No. Since she had already been painted, her soul was sealed by her portrait… Taking a picture of her portrait is what woke her up.


Hent: Precisely. And why can’t the Stills just destroy her portrait?

Fulling: It’s been copied too many times. Her soul is protected by several portraits. That’s why she and the other Portraits can fight the Stills.

Leonardo Des: Excuse me sir, but why are we talking about this? We learned all this in primary school.

Hent: You would be surprised at how many students don’t know the answers to those questions. They come to paint. To create! To make art so real it literally comes to life. Well, we mustn’t forget the past. To forget — Yes, Joe? What do you need?

Groundskeeper Joe Bardner enters the room. He holds a black cylinder that is one foot tall and four inches in diameter.


Hent: What do you have there?

Hent takes the cylinder. The room is silent.

Note: At this point, we believe Professor Hent removed his veil to examine the cylinder more closely.

Des: Was that a click?

Hent slowly looks up. He holds up the cylinder.


Mona Lisa bursts into the room: He’s got a camera! Everyone get down!

Students dive below their seats. Mona Lisa snatches the cylinder from Hent’s hands and runs to Des.

Note: The class audio recording device was next to Des’s seat. That is how we were able to capture the following conversation.

Mona Lisa: Leo! We need to get out of here! They are after you.

Des: What is going on? They hid the camera?

Mona Lisa: They’ve started hiding cameras in other objects. I’ve heard they have even gotten as small as a pen.

Des: What are we going to do? How can we beat that?

Mona Lisa: You can paint more realistically than a camera can take a picture. You can paint us weapons. Are you with me?

No audible response.

Mona Lisa, yelling: Everyone get out of class. Keep your veils on. If someone is acting strangely, turn away. Get objects between you and the camera. Whatever you do, don’t look directly at the camera.

Students rush out of the class.


Note: Hent and Burdner were apprehended by security soon after.
All students are accounted for except Leonardo Des. His whereabouts are unknown, as are Mona Lisa’s.

Room HIS35 painted by Angela Livington

I am sure I don’t need to tell you the significance of this. Hidden cameras? Cameras could be smuggled into schools, homes, and workplaces. Nowhere is safe.

How did Mona Lisa know about this before us?

I will keep you updated on the situation.


Jane Brown

Amy Caylor

Written by

Lover of Words, Stories, and Dragons. Freelance writer and editor.

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