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WANTED: Adventurers

Men need not apply

Amy Caylor
Oct 11 · 1 min read

WANTED: Adventurers to kill beast “no living man can kill”. Must fulfill one or more of the following requirements.

Adventurers must be:

  • Female
  • A child (Must pass fighting test)
  • An elf
  • A dwarf
  • An animal companion such as a snake or dog. (May have male human handler).
  • Dead (Zombie, ghost, or vampire).
  • A sentient weapon.

Any adventurer who kills the beast will be given 50 gold as a reward (or other currency equivalent in value) upon the death of the beast. Any groups who kill the beast will be awarded 50 gold per party member, up to 350 gold coins (or other currency equivalent in value), to be distributed evenly among party members.

Any interested parties or individuals should contact Jennavee “Rosy” Cotten for more details.

“Any living man” my eye! Let’s give this beast what’s coming to him.

Amy Caylor

Written by

Lover of Words, Stories, and Dragons. Freelance writer and editor.

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