The right tool for the right job

For week two of the Support Driven writing challenge, I set out to create a post about the tools that I use to manage my tasks and organise my time. I diligently wrote out a list of all the apps, software, tools and techniques that I use in my day-to-day work.

I looked through my list, trying to find an angle that would tell an interesting story: which apps integrated across each other? How often did I find simple pen and paper most useful? Did I use certain tools for certain types of tasks? Nothing really stood out. I could group the tools into certain types, or tools I used for certain tasks, but it was still fuzzy.

On the third reading, I found myself mentally plotting each item against a couple of defining characteristics: was it a high-tech option, or more old school? And do I mostly use it to organise and plan, or do I use it to inspire and facilitate creative thought?

As I’m a dork that loves data, my mental plotting soon became actual plotting, and before I knew it I had a graph!

My tools, plotted by the level of tech and how I use them.

Each data point represents a tool that I use, from apps to post-it notes to pencils. The Y axis represents how ‘high tech’ the tool is and the X axis shows how I use the tool, for creativity or organisation.

Can you see your favourite tool? And perhaps you use your tools differently to me? If you feel like making a graph of your own, I’d love to see it :)

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