This is my jam

I’ve previously written about how I found my way to a career in support. In this post, I’ll talk about why I’ve stayed and what inspires me to continue.

I like helping people. Hardly surprising, I know. You’d be hard pushed to find a customer support professional who didn’t; we’re a touchy feel-y lot, fuelled by empathy (and caffeine).

Speaking for myself, I try to make every interaction count, because I know that every conversation that you have with someone has the potential to improve their day. That’s an amazing thing, it’s what makes helping customers is the bread and butter of my working day — it keeps me going.


I could easily live on bread and butter (both literally and figuratively), but every now and again it’s nice to have something that kicks things up a gear, something that gets you going — the jam to your bread, if you will. For me that’s problem solving; problem solving is my jam.

I absolutely love getting my teeth stuck into something tricky: an obscure bug that no one can replicate, troubleshooting a technical process, or stretching the possibilities of our product to better meet a client’s needs.

These tasks fire me up because they give me the opportunity to use a whole range of skills: I’ll pull in some technical know-how, combine it with crystal-clear communication and finish with some creative thinking in order to find the right solution.

Bread, butter and jam!

Helping people is great, and helping them in a way that requires you to stretch all of your problem solving muscles is amazing. I find it immensely satisfying, fun and energising (this is also true of a good jam).

You might say that the combined emotional and professional satisfaction of problem solving for customers preserves my motivation for customer support — get it? Preserve, as in jam? …Too much? Too much.

This post was inspired by Support Driven’s spring 2017 writing challenge. The first writing prompt asks the following: What makes you excited about working in customer support? Each of us has a path that landed us here — but what keeps you going month after month.