Gaming principles are revolutionising the way people spend and save

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In an increasingly interactive world, gamification is steadily reconfiguring our relationships with everyday tasks and experiences. To ‘gamify’ is to use game mechanics, such as levelling, points and goals, in non-game contexts to reward users and drive engagement. These strategies, which are used to motivate people on an emotional level, recognise that consumers want to participate in something enticing and rewarding, as well as engaging and fun.

As the digital space has become more and more overcrowded, companies looking to stand out have been imitating the competitive, connected and personalised world of online gaming. In 2011, Gartner even predicted that…

The paradox of choice is real and research shows that brands can benefit from simplifying

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We tend to think more choice is better, but while variety is good for us, too many options can make day-to-day consumer decisions more challenging. Psychologists call this the paradox of choice.

In his book of the same name, psychologist Barry Schwartz argues an excess of choice has not made consumers happier, but more dissatisfied. Not only has it made them less satisfied, but it often results in ‘choice paralysis’. Schwartz cites a famous study published in 2000 that found people were 10 times more likely to purchase a jar of jam from an in-store display when the number of…

Bring products and services to life by bringing people together

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The digital age has allowed people globally to share ideas and identities, but data suggests people are in need of new structures of belonging, perhaps more than ever before. A study on loneliness by the British Red Cross and the Co-op found that over 9 million people in the UK would describe themselves as ‘either always or often lonely’. Further research by the Eden Project claims that loneliness and disconnected communities are costing the UK economy £32 billion every year.

A sense of belonging is vital to our well-being. By connecting like-minded people through content and experiences that relate to…


The Value of Intelligence

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