Hey, Amy!
Gary Clark

Hi Gary, thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to write a thoughtful response. It sounds like you have a found a solution that works for you.

I respect your thoughts, but I am approaching my spiritual life differently and do not see myself as “90% there” toward the destination you describe. The middle way is indeed challenging and even exhausting and it presents me with more questions than answers, but it reminds me of many of the other challenging pursuits in my life: an ongoing, healthy relationship with my family, with my country, with my closest friends, and with my self. In all of these cases, I am committed to learning all I can, holding on to all the good I can, and offering all the good I can. I view my religion in the same way.

Because of this, I had a different response to your quiz than you did. I have been greatly blessed by members of the Church, but at other times I have been hurt and harmed by them. I view the Brethren, because our church leadership is a lay ministry, as simply members of the Church as well, and because they are human I have been hurt by some things they have done and said, but also greatly blessed by others. Same with the scriptures, and with my experiences in the Church building on Sundays and Wednesday nights throughout my life, and with BYU and my mission, etc. There is both good and bad to be found in all of these aspects of the Church, and let me be clear that the bad has been hurtful enough to me and others that I am choosing to address it. But the majority of what I have experienced in the Church — including the words of the Brethren — has been full of light. And I am determined not to lose sight of that.

On I go through this big, messy, beautifully mysterious life, looking for the good, learning all I can, and trying to leave things better than I found them. I believe that journey can be made as a Catholic, a Muslim, an Atheist, or yes, even a Mormon.

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