Support your user’s choices

Digital bias #6: Choice supportive bias

Our memories are selective to help take away regret. This act of self-preservation comes from choice supportive bias. This week you have not one — but two new jobs offers.

Bias #6 in action

Scenario: You have two different job offers.

After much thinking, you accept one of the jobs. You’re excited, and ready for a new start. Over the next few days, you think more about your choice. The salary, the team, the perks. The other offer and its potential development starts to cross your mind. You try to dismiss it. You think about the smaller salary, the cliquey team, the weird smell in the office. I’ve made the right decision, you reassure yourself.

Digital bias #6 in action

Scenario: You‘re an online retailer who sells formal wear for weddings and events

Use messaging to support and reassure your customers when they make a decision. This is most important the moment the customer pays and whilst they are waiting for delivery.

Confirmation screen 
It’s a scary moment when you click the pay now button for a pricey order. Make it less scary with a supportive confirmation message such as “Good choice! You’re going to look great.” Reassure your customer by letting them know they can change their mind “If you change your mind, take a look at our easy returns policy.”

Product tracking 
Earlier on in the series we talked about the illusory truth effect. In short, the more you hear something, the more you believe it. Send emails to track the order that continually approve the user’s choice “You’ve got great taste Amy. We’ve shipped your order and it’s on the way.”

Support customers’ decisions and minimise regret. Because like a new exciting job, people want to look forward to the future their choices bring.

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