The Grand Synthesis of Biology and Society
Joe Brewer

Dear Joe,

I worked in the Behavioral Health Center of our local hospital as an Alternative Mental Health Practitioner for 13 years. My getting a job there was an anomaly but I had the support of our Clinical Supervisor.

I used techniques I had learned back in the 1960’s (yes, I’m that old) to erase the adverse effect of traumatic memories. I also used more recent techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which despite having excellent, clinically tested responses has not been accepted in the mainstream.

Most surprisingly my co-counselors would send me their difficult cases and ask me “to do that thing you do with them”. Yet in all the time I worked there not one of them expressed any interest in finding out, let alone learning, what I did.

The Buddhists say there are three poisons: Greed Hatred and Ignorance and that ignorance is the most damaging because it is a deliberate ignoring of the truth.

Since the 1950’s PTSD has been a treatable condition and still I see people drugged into numbness as the only solution.

I think one of the major requirements of an evolved society is an evolved individual, one that is free of the trauma that even living a quiet and safe life burdens us with.

Freed of that trauma, especially the trauma of separation/abandonment most of us experience in the first year or so of life, we can than approach life sanely and begin to behave like adults.

Then we would no longer need money (Greed) as we would give freely of our time and talent (they no longer used money on StarTrek) and war would no longer be used to resolve disputes (Hatred).

Thank you for what you are doing.