Nick Arnold

I’ve been working n the alternative mental health field all my life (I’m now in my 70’s) and as the alternative mental health practitioner in the behavioral health unit of our local hospital for 13 years.

There is an unfortunate divide between mainstream and alternative therapies. The therapists I worked with were only familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy as a technique and had no personal experience of its efficacy. Their main function was to monitor medication compliance.

As an alternative practitioner I am familiar with a dozen or more techniques. I have used all of them on myself and others and proven their efficacy.

I said that if I couldn’t think of half a dozen different ways to effectively help a client I wasn’t doing my job.

OCD is a resolvable condition. I’ve resolved it many times for many clients.

I’ll give you an example.

My client can’t stop worrying that he didn’t lock his door when he leaves for work. He has to go home to check and he is in danger of losing his job.

The anti-anxiety meds are not working and make him woozy.

Session one: It’s difficult to remember doing something if you do it every day. “Do I remember locking the door today or is that yesterday’s memory?” So I get him to carry a notebook and write down that he locked the door today.Also to say the day and date out loud to himself as he locked it.

Session two: That helped a lot but he is still anxious. I asked him when it started. He says three years ago. I asked him what happened three years ago. He was robbed by a friend. Loss and betrayal. We resolve the loss (using one of my half dozen techniques).

Session three: Almost all gone but still something there. In the next several sessions we resolve earlier similar incidents of loss and betrayal as well as times he did something similar to others.

End result: No need for meds. No anxiety. Done deal.

The mainstream is like a field of GM corn. All the same. All tasteless.

The alternative field is like the jungle. Many different things. Some good, some bad. You need someone who knows the territory.

What pisses me off more than anything else is that in all the years I worked in the mainstream not one of the other therapists asked me about what I did other than to sent me their unresolvable cases and ask me to “do that thing you do with them and then send them back to me”.

Most mental health conditions are resolvable, and have been for fifty years.

The crime is that no one in the mainstream is interested.

Thanks for listening — Roderic.