Turning 29.

I’m turning 29 years old in 100 days, 6 hours and 59 minutes….

I’ve been rounding my age up to thirty since I turned 25, and I grow a little more anxious about where I am in life as my time continually runs, and comparison and discontentment casually creep into my mind.

After all, there are specific things you are supposed to accomplish by the time you turn thirty years old. Thirty means, you’ve officially arrived at “success” in life, accompanied by your dream job, a perfect marriage to the perfect person, a child (or a few on the way), a down payment on your fantasy home and a luxury car (or two) parked inside your spacious, double-door garage.

So, you can imagine my distress as a single (and I mean single in every sense of the word), homeless, student-loan indebted, nearly 30 year old woman (a teenager called me a “woman” the other day and a single tear streamed down my starting-to-see-fine-lines, nearly 30 year old cheek. It’s officially over).

What’s even more discomforting to me, as I compare my life to the lives of others (via social media — obviously), is that discontentment seems to come, and stay, at any age that we allow it to.

As I look back, it seems as though I’ve wasted so much time and energy worrying about where I would be at thirty — instead of just enjoying where I am in my 20’s.

This comparison-driven, waiting-on-a-man-to-make-everything-right mentality is exactly why I decided to move to India last year.

I was offered an opportunity to teach music at an orphanage in Kochi, India with a humanitarian organization that works with the rich, poor, elite and downcast. They have a vision to see every human achieve their greatest potential — and I found incredible purpose in giving the best I had to offer in order to serve someone else.

I had several people (lovingly) try to discourage me from going, saying, “you know, you’re almost thirty — this decision may set back getting married for at least another year…” or, “you aren’t getting any younger — you need to think about having children — you’re probably not going to meet anyone over there…”

Really. As if I needed the reminder that I’m getting older…

But to be honest, the decision to move to India had nothing to do with my age or the fact that I was single. It had everything to do with my heart.

You see, I decided years ago that I would say, “yes” to whatever God asked me to do with my life — no matter what that “yes” was — and I have never regretted that decision.

You don’t need to move to another country to find purpose for your life — you can decide to find it right where you are. True success and purpose are not found in possessions, striving, dream jobs, spouses or children. You get to decide that you’re content — right here, right now.

Fulfilling your destiny is a journey of a lifetime, and we have got to learn to start enjoying the journey, wherever we are (and whatever age you happen to be).

Love always,

29 in 100 days, 5 hours and 24 minutes…