An open letter to Kim Kardashian-West that she’ll likely never read


This morning there is a video going around wherein you, the mother of bi-racial children, defend Jeffree Star, a makeup artist and “personality,” who apparently blasted your makeup kits, and who recently came under fire for saying some absolutely abhorrent racist things on camera. I recall this moment and these words. I remember when Kat Von D distanced herself from him, and rightly so, because of these things, yet you, half-Armenian woman, and mother of Kanye West’s children, defend him.

For those interested, here is what Mr. Starr had to say.…/if-you-dont-want-to-watch-it--a…/3

To add insult to injury, you tout these things while being tended to by a team of makeup and hair people, you say that “people deserve to be forgiven”, and that you feel anyone going around and taking Jeffree Star to the mat is wrong, that in doing so your viewership is “petty.” You say your viewership should not be so “negative” and that “there is room for all of us.” Then you laugh and smile and move your expensively purchased Cher hair around. Essentially, you- the mother of Kanye West’s children are telling the world, that considering how you benefit from Mr. Starr’s tutelage where makeup tips are concerned, and that since he has apologized for making comments that I’m pretty sure your husband would DEFINITELY have something to say about, people should all “get over it” and “move on.” This reminds me a bit of when John Galliano was on camera suggesting that “Jews should all be gassed” and watching the fashion world divide between those who immediately and rightly punished him, and those who found ways to defend his behavior.

It doesn’t help that you, and your entire clan, have been purporters of cultural appropriation, and racial fetishization. That you’ve essentially built your empire based on a sex tape with an African American male, brazenly stolen African American culture to sell as profit, makes you one hell of a questionable spokesperson for forgiving a blatant racist. That you are married to an African American male, well…your words indicate how separated you are from any shred of respect for him, and for African American men and women in general.

In the wake of Charlottesville, your words indicate just how deeply you don’t live in the real world, and how you have been shielded from said real world by insane amounts of money and of course, the privilege of your skin color. While yes, people are capable of change (though I’ve never seen it really happen personally), do you really mean to tell me, that you’re so cut off from reality that you would choose to do business with, protect and endorse HIM above all other makeup artists? I’m sorry, are you not wealthy enough to employ many people, or benefit from their tutelage? Considering the level of power your wield, why not support someone who is a true artist and a true person? Can you not benefit from the methods or advice, of another makeup artist, perhaps not one who has gotten on camera and let loose words that someday, your children will hear and wonder “why is Mommy okay with this?”

So let me ask you. Why IS Mommy okay with this? Why is Mommy okay with a man who has publicly stood in absolute opposition to your husband and your children? Apologies are wonderful and action is everything, so until Jeffree Starr does better than apologize, until he lends his self and his personage to a Black Lives Matter cause, or any cause that defeats racism, you Mrs. Kardashian-West, are enabling racism. You are basically shrugging off the most important issue of our times, and that you, mother of bi racial children, children who if their last names were not Kardashian-West would have to endure the real racism your husband HAS endured.

Jeffree Starr may have strong recourse where his behavior is concerned, but in today’s world, and today’s climate, I’d argue words mean little. When Jeffree Starr atones publicly and does so by assisting an anti-hate group’s cause, then perhaps there would be reason to suggest that “he’s changed.” This hasn’t happened and it likely won’t.

Perhaps before you open your mouth to speak next time with your faux hippie sensibilities about loving everyone and giving everyone a chance, think about what would happen if one of your children, someday, weren’t being surrounded by a huge detail. Think of them out in the world beyond where your money and power can shield them from American reality where men and women with the same skin tone as your children are repeatedly racially profiled. Think of this happening to your own children, and then tell the world that it’s okay what Jeffree Starr had to say.

Better still, put your children in front of the television, show them the marches in Charlottesville, then put on the videos of Jeffree Starr, and try to explain to those children, why you feel it’s important to support a man who has the same hate in his heart. I would also urge you to try and explain all of this in front of your very African American, albeit rich and famous, husband. I wonder what he’d have to say about that.

While I’m at it, considering your very public decries about the Armenian genocides, try to look inward with the same eyes. With the same passion you exude in support of your own culture, how can you be so insensitive of your own husband and children’s culture?

Perhaps you need to experience what real prejudice is before you can understand your insensitivity, which is unlikely because green is the ONLY color that matters and you have it in abundance. Said atmosphere has enabled you to live a life that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the America beyond you. Your comments are beyond insensitive, you are as complicit as our POTUS in matters of racism. In not being able to condemn it outright, despite your family ties, you fan the flames for others to do horrific inhumane things.

Be aware, or be silent.

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