Dead America

America is dead.

America is a dead sickly grey mottled corpse, vampires having drained every available vein and artery. America does not love. America does not care. America does not feel. America does not give. America lies. America showboats. America kills.

America has only two religions, hatred and greed. America spits in the face of the gender that births all life. America burns its heroes at stakes, and hangs men of color from trees. America lives to war. America feeds on the poor and rewards the rich. America lies.

America deludes. America bamboozles. America is not red white and blue. America is no longer white, but can not accept any other color. America shuns yellow, brown and black. America imprisons. America steals. America exists in a continual Civil War. America enslaved. America continues to enslave.

America touts freedom, liberty and justice as values and participates in none of these things. America wants dictatorship. America commends White Supremacy. America is not red white and blue, it is green for only green matters here. America Eats Its Young is reality and not just the brilliance of Funkadelic. America is a cesspool. America is a pox. America is a blight.

America is dead.

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