Goldie Hawn deserves her star, ALONE.

On a day where not but 2 hours ago I railed against the AHCA, it would seem trite and trivial to be burned up about the fact that yesterday Goldie Hawn (see Goddess Figure) and her partner of many many many years Kurt Russell (certainly a star in his own right), were given a dual ceremony yesterday-both receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

That being said, as far as I’m concerned it’s just another insidious way that the patriarchy dismantle and discredit everything for women.

I don’t seem to recall that when Paul Newman got his star, having to share that day with Joanne Woodward. I don’t recall for that matter, just about……ANY single male star of lore having to share their days with their long term partners and/or wives, so why does Goldie have to share her day with hers? Could this have something to do with just how much powerful Goldie is than her long term partner? That’s she’s been a force for much longer, an incredible multi-talent that frankly SURPASSES her partner? Not to mention Goldie is one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood, and she can’t have a day to herself for her own freaking STAR?

Now mind you, Goldie perhaps could have WANTED this to occur, but it’s more likely that she just doesn’t mind. I wish she DID mind. She SHOULD mind. I wish I DIDN’T mind, but I do. I tire of watching the world, but most notably Americans continually diminish women. Goldie Hawn is a rich gorgeous white famous woman who doesn’t need a fucking thing from me, but she’s got it all the same, respect, awe, and enough anger to insist that the day be re-done, so she can have it ALL TO HERSELF.

Lord knows, I think being painted from head to toe in a bikini, and adopting a giggle and being Private fucking Benjamin……DESERVES THAT AND MORE.