When Rape becomes a “Pre-Existing Condition”

I woke up this morning to learn, that as a woman, I am pretty much roadkill. In the eyes of the House of Representatives, I am nothing more than a vagina, maybe ovaries depending on how educated the patriarchy is who made laws that determine that pretty much everything from bloating, gas, cramps, and heavy periods are now “pre-existing conditions.” In other words, yesterday America began proceedings to remove healthcare, from just about everyone’s lives. Unless of course, you’re 100% healthy, or really fucking rich. I don’t personally know anyone like that, and if you’re out there and exist, HUZZAH.

The AHCA is going to kill Americans, one unfortunate soul at a time. If you are poor, you are fucked, but then in America since the Reagan years, if you’re poor you’ve ALWAYS been fucked. Could you be possibly more fucked? Quite possibly, yes. Your government cheese is going to be Swiss, full of holes and not particularly useful. Under the AHCA, pretty much almost EVERYTHING from obesity to breathing heavy, is a pre-existing condition. So is Depression, which let’s face it, if you’re poor and living in America, you’re likely blanketed by it. The amount of things Sherrod Brown listed as a pre-existing condition is so staggering, that it will keep those who need it most from ever seeking out medical attention at all. That of course, is the whole point. America is, much like with the War on Drugs, profiling. America only wants you if you’re rich, white, and male. If you’re anything short of this, you’re in a caste system determined only by wallet gauge of thickness.

This brings me to my next and far more sobering point. The AHCA in addition to being a death sentence for so many, is that and then some, for American women. I’ve never seen a piece of legislature so blatant in it’s misogyny. The entire construct should have been titled the DAAW act- “Destroy All American Women.” In a nation saddled with more acts against humanity from genocide to racial profiling, this is the cherry on the top of the shit sundae. This non-healthcare act, was designed to strip a woman bare, break all her bones, and leave her bleeding to death and unable to ask questions. It’s an en masse rape, the irony of course being that under this new plan, rape is a “pre-existing condition.”

Take that in for a moment. Rape, is now a “pre-existing condition.” The act of a woman being subverted and violently possessed against her will is now a “condition.” Considering that American laws where rape is concerned are so mired in misogyny that almost NO women come forward to declare that they’ve been violated, now women will have to comprehend that should they be violated, the vicious act and all attached to it, the physical and mental scars left behind, is now being viewed by the House of Representatives as a “personal problem.”

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Under the same healthcare plan C Sections, Postpartum Depression, Heavy Periods (from which I suffer, and honestly ladies, do you know anyone who DOESN’T suffer from them?), and even DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, are now considered “pre-existing conditions.” As far as the House of Representatives are concerned, only perfectly healthy vessels by which to birth the future misogynist and racist assholes of America will do. You might as well tell women to just pack it up and leave en masse, which presently sounds like a really good idea, but the remaining world isn’t the land of Oz where women are concerned unless you live in Scandinavia, where to be polite, there isn’t a lot of racial diversity, and I stand for ALL women, all shades, all colors, all of us beautiful strong motherfucking QUEENS of the motherfucking UNIVERSE.

We are living through times that make a Dickens novel seem cheery. I have no interest in rehashing how we all got to this place, because frankly I don’t have time. With every single minute that this new healthcare exists until it gets to the Senate where the prognosis is that it will be pronounced DOA, I burn white hot. I do not trust any man to make decisions over my personal government of body and mind, so I’m sure what will happen next is that the Senate, who’ve proven to be weak tea for aeons, will look at this healthcare act, and “modify it.” As far as I’m concerned, modification isn’t enough, it must be eradicated and with it, every man that had a hand in its inhuman construction. This new healthcare bill is holocaust-level evil, it declares all those not rich and white, fodder. Why not just make us all into soylent green and get it the fuck over with?