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For the most part I agree with your article, with exception to the maternity leave piece and breast feeding.

As far as breastfeeding goes as long as the law is not oppressing mothers from breastfeeding in public I don’t care. I do disagree with you solutions to people being sensitive to partial nudity. Frankly I don’t care if my bare breasts offend someone (whether breastfeeding or going topless at the beach). I find people’s sensitivity to nudity ridiculous and if my breasts offend someone that is there problem, not mine.

As far as maternity leave, that is covered under FMLA and therefore as long as you are with a company for a year as a full time employee you are entitled to that leave. If you have a child (mom or dad) there are additional costs and sacrifices that go along with it and how you and your partner decide to handle that is your prerogative.

Basically, I feel equal and agree that that article was condescending. At least from my view point.

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