New website gives new insight into Preston nightlife.

Three UCLan students have created a website listing every bar and club so now you always know where to go on a night out in Preston.

“Built by students… designed for students.”

Impulse was launched last week and has already gathered a following on social media. The website lists bars and clubs in Preston, their location, opening times and also provides links to their social media so site visitors can easily find out what’s happening at that club.

The three co-founders, Will Taylor, Dan Collins and Kev Strachan, are all in their third year of university. Dan and Will study business management while Kev studies computer games development.

Will, Chief Marketing Officer said: “We all bring a special attribute to the business.”

Kev uses his computer game knowledge to be the “tech-wizard” behind the site. Will is in charge of social media, promotion and public relations. Dan is in the driver’s seat, steering the business “down avenues that help make the most of contacts,” according to Will.

Dan came up with the idea on a night out last year and since then the boys have devoted countless hours working on giving fellow students “what they deserve.”

All 3 creators have made sacrifices to make this site successful including “living off pasta” so they could save their student loans up enough to pay for a domain name. They also had to cope with the challenge of creating a website while managing everyday student stress.

Since its launch, the website has kept updated with new content added almost daily. By January, they hope to have an Impulse app so their audience can have even easier access to Preston’s nightlife.

So, what are you waiting for? Your plans for tonight are waiting to be discovered at