Why you will never be fully satisfied with a festival line up

And why it doesn’t matter.

Sunset over Leeds Festival (Photo cred: Lois Jordan)

This morning Reading and Leeds announced their line up for this year and surprise, surprise my Facebook and Twitter timelines were filled with people sharing their discontent. Apparently, it’s too rock, there’s too little rock, too many DJ’s, too little DJ’s, too many rappers… you get the idea. No one seemed to be happy which is always the case with line up announcements.

Reading and Leeds line up 2017

I don’t know how people expect a festival that hosts thousands of people to even get close to pleasing everyone. But festivals like Leeds and Reading do try, hence why Lethal Bizzle is playing the same festival as Korn.

While I’ve barely heard of half of the Reading/Leeds line up, this does not put me off going one bit — in fact, it kinda makes me want to go more.

Festivals are all about new experiences. Making new friends — one who might be the biggest Rat Boy fan while you can barely sing along to the chorus of ‘FAKE ID.’ One might drag you into the mosh pits during Marmozets’ set when you’d rather be hanging round the dance tent. The amount of new music you discover is great.

It’s more than likely that you’ll get so caught up in drinking by your tent with your friends, old and new, that you’ll forget that your favourite act is starting in 5 minutes and so you’ll miss half their set anyway. But that’s okay, you’ve probably already seen them or you’re likely to go see them when they next tour.

I’d be lying if I said ‘festivals aren’t all about music’ but there is a lot more to them than that. A lot of your fondest memories will be made walking round the campsite at 6am or sitting down away from the main stage with a tub of noodles.

Instead of whining about the line up not accommodating your exact music taste, take the opportunity to find some new favourite acts and create some bloody good memories while you’re at it.