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An illustration is the take-down of Richard Nixon, who was elected to office by a “silent” majority (why “silent”? Because the media chose to ignore those voters and/or media types lived in a bubble of their peers and failed to understand an alternative viewpoint. Sound familiar?)

The reality of the Watergate break-in was fairly small potatoes by the political ethics of the day — see Seymour Hersh’s Dark Side of Camelot if you doubt this — but “Watergate” was hammered continuously as the Crime of the Century, and Nixon himself as the Gold Standard of Political Criminality, by the self-congratulatory/self-righteous #BourgeoisLeftist media ever since.

The monopoly on not only information about current events but also our moral reading of those events has been claimed by the media. Both prongs of this monopoly are lost in the era of networking through social media, with the internet-as-instant-information-source, and Trump leading by example as someone unafraid to challenge the MSM’s editorial choices.