This is a fact-free smear job, and Rantt Editorial Board / Jossif Ezekilov should feel bad about…
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlyn Johnstone provides consistently brilliant, quotable, courageous journalism and opinion. If a reader disagrees with her ideas, surely that reader may (as I’m doing now) express the point(s) of disagreement and work through it, even if that fails to resolve the disagreement.

But the cheap charge of “working for Russia,” you (Rantt Editorial Board / Jossif Ezekilov, whoever you are) will find, is so widely thrown about in an attempt to silence and intimidate free-thinkers, as well as being so absurd on its face, that fewer and fewer people will believe it, be intimidated by it, or even cast a glance your way when you level it. So, take the clue and come up with a better argument (or “an argument,” since “You Russian troll” is not, in fact, an argument but an accusation, like pointing a finger at a neighbour and yelling “There’s a witch!”)

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