t’s a pander to the now-furious and hysterical Democratic base, which has worked itself up into a frenzy in the month or two that has passed since Trump won the election, and convinced itself that Trump’s victory was a result of a Massive Russian Conspiracy. Obama has to Do Something
Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty to One Count of Lying to FBI, Still no #COLLUSION
Austin Frank

It’s not really about the braying mob. It’s about the theatre desired by the Establishment. Doing nothing would give the lie to this obvious lie. So even though Obama is on record as saying “no serious person could believe the US elections are even hackable” (google it), and his Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson is likewise on record essentially rolling his eyes at the #RussiaHoax, Something Had To Be Done to maintain the pretence for Hillary’s sake.

If TeamClinton was pretending that Russia stole the election (as Hill-symp authors of “Shattered” document on pg 395 of their book on the campaign), then We Will Have Russians Stealing the Election. The whole thing is so similar to a season 5, episode three of the HBO satire VEEP (with hapless and gobsmacked Chinese playing the role of Russians) that it is breathtaking.