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Thank you for your public service, aka, disabling today’s soft-Left dictatorship/Establishment’s effort at an Orwellian “Memory Hole.”

My own experience was years ago trying to find an NYT column by the late Wm Safire in which he writes (paraphrased), “guess what, dear neo-con brothers: I’m beginning to suspect Putin is not the Blofeld you make him out to be. Let’s discuss how on coming to power he gave as a gift to famous dissident/Soviet human rights victim/Israeli politician Natan Sharansky the lattter’s old KGB file to see who was responsible for his misery and how.”

But since that line did not conform to the approved narrative (“Two Minutes’ Hate” on Putin/Hitler), the column is gone, gone, gone.

Re: the gutting of a journalistic core from WashPoo. I personally knew and liked Fred Hiatt, his wife Margaret, and Lee Hochstader, all relevant to the editorial team. I have wondered, since that stupid WashPoo-derived story on TheRussians! stealing Vermont’s grid, if a key problem is new-ish executive editor, Martin Baron, who came from the Boston Globe where he had been richly rewarded for his forays into crusading (as opposed to journalism) by his role in uncovering the Catholic church molestation infestation. That might well undergird a conviction that crusading-is-the-thing for “desperate times”, and that plain vanilla reporting is for chumps.

Because the WashPoo has become literally a parody of itself, straight-facedly reporting on SNL skits and every possible WH pratfall as “news” in a 24/7 effort to humiliate; intoning about DemocracyDyingIn TheDarkness that, ironically, the MSM itself is responsible for since it gave up honest reporting; and shrieking “impeachment” because they think/hope it will bring down an elected president.

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