I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Hi. I am a highly educated, wealthy Trump supporter. I actually know why I supported Trump and I am happy to explain it, though I was less excited about Trump than my non-white immigrant husband, or the non-white non-citizen immigrant who is married to my brother. And no, it isn’t about “racism” or even about “at least being better than black folk.” You might wonder why lots of people like me (and the author of the book, Hillbilly Elegy) are married to non-white immigrants. WELL it is because once you take the underclass, impoverished, brutalized, marginalized, hated, white kid out of the semi-rural ghetto and send her to an elite university, she will discover that she has absolutely nothing in common with the white kids at that elite university. She will not be able to disclose her “identity.” She will not be able to “take him home to meet the folks” and she will “shut up and smile” while all the white elite liberal democrats engage in casual hate speech about her folks. She will quietly seethe as the white elite liberal democrats blithely assume that their morality is the only morality and proceed to persecute heretics. She will shake her head at the “Gods gift to minorities” talk coming from elite white people who think they are “really good people” because they “voted for entitlements” and “ladled soup at a shelter.” Yes, she knows that there is racism, because she has been sexually assaulted because of her race (first time at age 5!), just like pretty much every impoverished white girl. She knows more than anyone that it isn’t about desire, it is about hate and power and humiliation. And some people hate whites, and usually it is easy to take it out on white girls. She also knows that the KKK exists, because they murdered her cat, and because someone left a flyer on her house about race traitors who breed with non-whites. She even knows that she faces rejection from the culture she married into. Yes EVERYONE SUCKS, and she knows there are bad folk all around her. But more than that, she sees the ignorance and the self-righteousness of people who call her folk “evil, ignorant, racist, trash, deplorable,” etc, because she knows that her folk actually are LESS racist than the white liberal elite. She has seen her people as they gruffly accept “the other” after “the other” proves himself trustworthy (but not before). That is the way of her folk. But her folk are poor, and it is hard to escape poverty. She has been told (to her face) “you have no excuse for being poor, you are white.” She has been called, “trash..” The boys of her neighborhood could not get to the elite university — because they are white boys. Christian white boys from poverty compete against white elite prep school East Coast liberals and they lose every time. So there aren’t any white boys from her cultural group at the elite college. She is the only one she knows who is like her on campus. But the non-white immigrants are culturally SIMILAR TO HER. They are conservative, they are nationalist, they are hard working, they know exactly what it is like to have to pee outside in the dirt or cover their own excrement with a hoe because there is no plumbing. THEY DON’T HATE or DISRESPECT her folk. So, the first point is that we hate the liberal elite. There is no other way to put it. We hate people who despise, slander, ridicule, and oppress us. Who mock our faith, and keep us out of power, and accuse us of the vilest moral depravity while depriving us of the means to defend ourselves. So we will always vote against the elite. If you are part of the white left, please understand (If you can understand anything about us) that it is not “minorities” that we hate. It is….YOU.

Of course when it comes to “terrorists” not being “vetted” we also are misunderstood. We don’t hate terrorists. We respect them, they are honest about what they want to do. They believe in a cause and they fight for it. So though we believe they are misled, and we hope they change their ways, no we don’t hate them. We hate the liberal elites who give them a way into the country to kill us. Why would you hate a snake? A snake is one of God’s creatures. You reserve your hate for the liberal elite that puts the snake into your child’s bedroom. So if you are part of the white left, please understand…it is not immigrants that we hate. It is….YOU. And any immigrant, being Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, or other, is more than welcome in our book, as long as they are NOT LIKE YOU.

Globalism. We hate it. The reason we hate it is because it solidifies the power of the elite, Greenwich, Wall Street, liberal elite. BTW we don’t like these people. I don’t know, I hope that helps a little.

It isn’t about money. And it isn’t about us. And it isn’t about minorities. And it isn’t about “immigrants.” It is actually about you. About people who read lots of surveys by the “Atlantic” and pretend like you have us figured out. About people that look at us like some sort of stain on the Earth. (which by the way is why we do not believe in Global Warming even though it is obviously true — because we know that marginal hated people like us are the “humans” that “caused” the warming and like Al Gore said it is time to “cull the human herd.” and we know you are talking about us) That is so typical. And we hate it. Can you change? Everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Even ISIS. Even us. Even you.