Why U.S. Environmentalists Lost the Climate Change Fight
Kevin Brass

You have certainly grasped a truth here, though not the “complete picture” of the truth. I would say you got 50% of the truth absolutely correct.

I would like to share the part of the truth that maybe you didn’t think about. That truth is Al Gore and his rich friends.

There are two huge truths about Gore. First, and most inconveniently, he is a massive hypocrite. He likes to point fingers at poor people, for example, contractors who maybe own a pickup truck. Maybe they need that pickup to do their job, and “carbon taxes” and expensive fuel would put them out of work and they would not be able to feed their family. Meanwhile, Al Gore has a huge mansion and private jets, just like all his rich buddies. Gore’s carbon footprint is bigger than multiple trailer parks all put together with their pickups and ATVs included. But a carbon tax for Gore is a mere inconvenience. He would never give up his private jet. So he can afford to pollute and he does so with GUSTO. People are not fools. They can smell a hypocrite a mile away. They know who would PAY for the carbon tax policies, and it would not be rich people. It never is.

The second huge truth about Gore is that he said that we need to “Cull the Human Herd.” Now, when you are a marginalized poor person, you are pretty damn sure that Gore is not going to cull his own herd. When he says that global catastrophe is “human caused” you know he is looking straight at you and your kids, and this makes you hella nervous. If you are a RELIGOUS person, that “culling” sounds a lot like…abortion. And more abortion. And maybe even carbon friendly death panels. You know as well as I do that this is not tin foil hat territory. If you read Diamond’s book, “Collapse” you will see references in the back to “family planning.” And if you think abortion is not a reason that people oppose “human caused global warming” rhetoric, you would be very mistaken.

There also is a “Democratic Party” reason for global warming messaging failure. This is what they do: cynical, divisive, manipulating…creating a wedge issue. Wedge issues are NOT AN ACCIDENT. They are NOT a miscalculation or a misunderstanding. Use your rhetoric to stir up “climate denialism” and you are certain to get a lot of buzz and a lot of votes. It would be easy AF for them to use conciliatory language, like “Being good stewards of God’s beautiful earth” but you and I both know that they would prefer to say “cull the human herd” a few more times so that they will rile up some climate denialism. You know I am right.

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