Let’s Start With Kindness

This is the year for love. This is the year for faith. This is the year magic will become real. I’ve left our Christmas tree up a few extra days past it’s prime so the lights can remind us… guide us, shine for us on these dark and cold nights as one ending becomes something new. A new Year. A new Hope. Anew. I am grateful for safe passage from there to here. I am blessed by these small children, by his strong heart and wild ideas. I am whole in their presence and safe under this redwood tree that three years ago my friends and I journeyed around, bags in hand at the stroke of midnight for luck and travel, then. Silently in my mind we are all still walking around this tree together, hand in hand in heart though they are far and we remain in the same place.

Resolutions are lost on me in the minutia of survival, in the all consuming caregiving of parenthood, in the ache of being a person in this enlightened yet seemingly dark age. I will walk on, with the luggage, with the children, with all the hope and faith that I can possibly carry on my back and in my heart. I will drink my coffee black, my whiskey neat and will teach my children to say how they feel, and most importantly to be kind.

Kindness, and a few miracles, let’s start this way.