A more accurate title for this piece would be “Look At This Lying Rapist Scumbag Plead For His…
Hunter Hansen

Aligning with survivors in situations of alleged abuse is the best approach; false claims are a rarity, and innocent until proven guilty fails in such situations due to the current model’s expectations of proof.

I haven’t called them a liar for a reason, and continue using the term alleged, as the claims have not been proven, but — as I have pointed out — even if the claims were false, this statement is still inappropriate. It betrays the duo’s own politics, focuses on a narrative centred on the accused, and promotes unfailing support of alleged abusers instead of critical caution.

If the abuse claims prove false (which is unlikely) this statement would still be a manipulative piece with heavy victim-blaming overtones, and the damage of such sentiments is an issue in itself even outside of the abuse claims.