I’m doing a 14 Day Drama Detox

photo by Ryan McGuire

Forget about the sky, Chicken Little- my face is falling!

It’s true.

I’m getting more lines than college-ruled notebook paper and there’s nothing I can do to stop the printing.

I blame it on gravity, pulling things ground-ward while I stand and sit. It gets worse when I lay down. My pillow presses up against my cheek and creates craters from my jawbone to my hairline on the right side.

How can that possibly be called “beauty rest?”

The scary thing is, I forget this is happening until I catch myself in the mirror or see a pic my son has snapped of me making funny faces with the cat. (Upon closer examination, maybe these are all signs I’m not as young as I used to be.)

But this wrinkle thing is the worst. A freight train coming down the track loaded with the reality that I’m not aging backward like Benjamin Button.

I’ve known this for quite some time.

Once, I ducked in the side door at the “cosmetic” end of my dermatologist’s office after a yearly skin check.

I smiled my squintiest smile, pointed to my face, and whispered to the runway model sitting behind the front desk, “I’m wondering if bit of Botox might help these crows feet?” She gave me a polite laugh and set up a consultation.

The nurse came in, her face as taut as a solution filled chicken, pinned in a permanent grin. She poked and pulled at my forehead and eye sockets and cheeks and lips as she noted the “additional areas” that would need to be pumped full and pinned back to make the Botox seem more “natural.”

I smiled politely and thanked her. I waited until she left to walk/run out the front door like I was late to catch a plane.

I got into my truck and took a closer look at my “problem areas” in the rearview mirror. I decided that day, some problems should stay (for now anyway).

So… short of medical intervention, the best I can do is rub a lot of cream on my face and accept my fair skin fate.

But wait.

There is one more thing I can choose…

If my wrinkles will be frown lines or laugh lines.

But can I really choose that?

Because my pendulum naturally swings to the serious side of things.

Unchecked, I tend to be tedious. Pensive. Caught up in troublesome thinking. I’m inclined to worry. Micro-manage. Make mountains out molehills. I’m prone to plan. Strive. Work to control expectations and outcomes.

I am perpetually trying too hard.

Grunting and pushing, like a fella who needs more fiber.

What I’m lacking is laughter. I know this because the other day my eleven-year old called me a drama queen.

And eeeesh! He wasn’t wrong.

They say “laughter is the best medicine.”

And considering how feverish and sick the world around me often feels, I need this medicine. I need it to counteract my own critical nature as well.

I think laughter can be even more than medicine when applied.

Laughter is inoculation against the dis-ease of my mind, body, and soul.

Studies show that laughter increases endorphins, blood flow, immune response, organ function, and healthy sleep.

Not to mention it makes for a better social life.

Can we really learn to laugh more?

Some people say we are either born with a sense of humor or we’re not- that’s there’s no acquiring it.

That’s dumb.

Because humans are amazing. Smart. Adaptive. Cumulative. And frankly, hilarious. I believe people have the capacity to learn to laugh more, lighten up, shine brighter and live better.

Let’s make laugh lines!

I am hell-bent on laughing more. Finding the funnier and definitely more fun side of every day life.

But I can only laugh with and at myself for so long. I need other people to laugh with!

So I’m hosting a 14 Day Drama Detox starting Wednesday, March 1st.


  1. I’ll send a short email each morning with something fun plus a daily experiment to decrease our drama and add-in laughter.
  2. The whole thing should take less than 10 minutes and supply a hunk of humor for your day.
  3. I’ll also post the daily experiment in our Purpose Dweller private Facebook group. (You’ll get a link to join once you sign up.) That’s the place we’ll be weighing in and likely laughing our arses off.

Sign up here.

If I’m going to have lines anyway (and I totally am)…

I’d rather get them from laughing than frowning and drowning in drama.

And when I get even older, I’m okay with wearing padded underpants if it’s because I tend to laugh so hard I pee a little.

Let’s do this!

Love and laughter,


Join me for 14 Days of Drama Detox, starting March 1!

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