“TERF Is Hate Speech and It’s Time to Condemn It”

For the most part, mainstream media and so-called LGBT organizations have chosen to ignore a specific demographic of the Me Too movement. “TERF” is a slur used to sexually harass, threaten, and silence lesbians. Instead of standing up for female homosexuals, “LGBT” orgs and media are persecuting lesbians and disguising it as social justice. The gaslighting is next level, but the majority of the world is starting to wake up to this injustice. Time’s Up!

TERF was initially used as an acronym that meant Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, but the term has always been used to muzzle women from discussing our rights. For the past year and half, TERF has been widely used as homophobic hate speech aimed at all lesbians. That’s right… ALL lesbians.

You don’t have to be a radical feminist to be labeled a TERF. A lesbian can make it clear she believes trans people deserve human rights and respect, but she’s still a “TERF” because her sexual orientation has an innate boundary. That boundary is same-sex attraction for other adult human females. Lesbians are the only sexual orientation that excludes penis, and that makes us the most dangerous adversary to the patriarchy.

Extremists don’t believe women, chiefly lesbians, deserve boundaries. That’s what this issue is all about. They disguise their misogyny and homophobia as social justice in order to gain support from people who are misinformed. So-called “progressives” are openly oppressing and condemning the homosexual community, primarily the lesbian community.

The Economist has banned the use of “TERF” in articles and comments because the slur “may have started as a descriptive term but is now used to try to silence a vast swathe of opinions on trans issues, and sometimes to incite violence against women.” Unfortunately, too many journalists and sites have decided to do the opposite. Even editors are doubling down on their misogyny and homophobia.

The Daily Dot recently posted a piece that questioned why violent Twitter users are having their posts removed and accounts banned. Alex Dalbey, Daily Dot writer, argues that Twitter is being unfair to users who post hate tweets using the slur TERF. On the contrary, Twitter hasn’t done enough to protect women, especially lesbians, on its platform.

Pink News shamefully tried to defend using the term TERF, but even they admitted it’s a slur. “It’s hard to disagree with the claim that TERF has assumed a negative connotation,” Pink News conceded, “but this has to do more with the nature of the beliefs defined by the word, than the word itself”

TERF is more than a slur. It’s hate speech, which is defined as “abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.” A lesbian is a female homosexual, and it’s homophobic to state otherwise. Lesbians are under attack for being ourselves.

Let me be clear that trans people as a community aren’t trying to make lesbians pansexual. Trans folks actually support and respect the same-sex boundary of homosexuality. It’s the extremists who harm both homosexuals and trans people when they make unreasonable demands. That’s fundamental to understand.

Lesbians have the right to a word that defines who we are. We have a right to exist and take pride in our boundaries. Our existence doesn’t invalidate trans people. Plenty of pansexual and queer folks are attracted to trans people, and that’s awesome. There’s nothing hateful about being a homosexual, yet extremists don’t want homosexuality to exist. It’s sadly a common experience for lesbians to receive rape threats, death threats, and have our livelihoods threatened just for standing up to homophobia. It’s time to stand up for us.

Woman hating homophobes claim that TERFs are physically abusive to trans women, but there’s no evidence of this. Trans women are abused and killed by men, not women. Furthermore, while there’s no evidence of so-called “TERFs” threatening violence against trans people, there’s ample evidence of extremists threatening TERFs. There’s also a good deal of documented evidence of physical violence, including murder.

Some extremists have the audacity to compare lesbians and TERFs to Nazis and Westboro Baptist Church. As a survivor of the evangelical Southern Baptist Church, I find those accusations highly offensive. First of all, the homophobic bigots are the ones harassing lesbians with anti-gay hate speech. They sound like Mike Pence fans who fetishize conversion therapy. Secondly, during WWII, homosexuals were rounded up and sent to concentration camps where they were tortured and murdered.

What’s happening to the lesbian community is hateful and inexcusable. I’ve been shot at and called homophobic slurs for being an out and proud lesbian. I know all about oppression. The faux social justice warrior “progressives” are acting just like MRA KKK incels. If anyone is authoritarian, they’re the people screaming, “Kill TERFs!” The gaslighting is astounding.

Being a trans ally doesn’t mean you have to tolerate or promote homophobia. Being a homosexual isn’t anti-trans. It’s unreasonable to expect lesbians to be pansexual. Sexual orientation is sex-based for homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals. Extremists can’t handle that words have meaning. Boundaries aren’t being respected.

Everyone wants to think of themselves as fair-minded. I see well-meaning people using “TERF,” mistakenly believing they’re doing a good thing. I challenge them to reject the groupthink that asks them to demean lesbians, a protected class of people. If you’ve been using the slur TERF and you’re a homosexual, I urge you to reconsider the homophobic connotations and the role you’re playing.

I hereby call upon all media, including social media platforms, to follow The Economist’s example and ban the slur TERF. It’s time to move on to civil debate about trans rights and women’s rights. TERF is hate speech and it’s time to condemn it.