Twitter Discriminates Against Lesbians

A lesbian is a female homosexual, but Twitter users who assert that reality are being punished by the site’s homophobic staff.

Institutionalized misogyny and homophobia are to blame when it comes to pinpointing why Twitter is banning and suspending lesbians for asserting the definition and reality of our legally protected class. Instead of removing lesbophobic hate speech and violent threats by offending users, Twitter executives are looking the other way while their staff and self-proclaimed “friends” break the site’s own terms of service regarding sexual orientation.

“Lesbians don’t sleep with men,” Dr. Peta Nankivell tweeted. She was banned for stating that fact. This injustice got lesbian advocate and tennis legend Martina Navratilova’s attention.

“Lesbians don’t sleep with men.” — Dr. Peta Nankivell

“Lesbianism has nothing to do with penis. That’s the whole point,” Jess tweeted. For stating these facts, employees at Twitter punished her, violating their own TOS.

“Lesbianism has nothing to do with penis. That’s the whole point.” — Jess

Why is Twitter discriminating against lesbians if sexual orientation is supposed to be included in their policy? Joe Rogan recently had Vijaya Gadde on his YouTube show to talk about how Twitter enforces their terms of service. Gadde is Twitter’s global lead for legal, policy, and safety. Many lesbophobic tweets have been reported, so I would like to know why Gadde allows abusers to harass the lesbian community.

“There are rules and those rules have to be followed,” Gadde said. Twitter isn’t following their own rules, though. In the interview, Rogan pointed out to Jack Dorsey and Gadde that there’s debate within the LGBT community over extremist “trans rights” violating the sex-based rights of homosexuals and women. Why is the person in charge of policy, safety, and legal unaware that two protected classes are under attack by extremists?

Dorsey said physical safety is a priority, but actions speak louder than words. A verified user who has bragged about having inside connections at Twitter threatened to commit a mass shooting against lesbians, AKA “TERFs,” and yet no action has been taken against this disturbed individual.

Emily Gorcenski epitomizes extremist gender ideology. As lesbians are banned and silenced on Twitter due to discrimination, Gorcenski is allowed to incite violence against our community.

Can Dorsey and Gadde explain this?

Why are so-called “LGBT+” organizations ignoring lesbians when we inform them about our persecution? The answer is HRC, GLAAD, and Stonewall UK are now anti-gay rights and anti-women’s rights organizations. They’re actually lobbying in various countries to legally replace “sex” with “gender,” which would erase sex-based rights for women and homosexuals. These groups also seek to erase gay men and lesbians by banning the word “homosexual,” which they call “offensive,” and redefining homosexuality as “same-gender attraction” instead of same-sex attraction. The actual LGBT community has been standing up to these corrupted organizations, and Twitter executives need to recognize this split is happening.

For example, GLAAD’s board members are falsely accusing lesbians of “transphobia” when we question extremist gender ideology regarding sex-based issues, such as lesbian erasure. Recently, board member Anthony Watson attacked Martina Navratilova for having questions and concerns about the future of female sports. Many “LGBT+” publications and organizations are now slandering Navratilova, not caring about the truth. Twitter is allowing this bullying and misrepresentation of facts instead of questioning these dishonest orgs and media.

A GLAAD board member falsely accused Navratilova of “transphobia.”

HRC won’t defend lesbians because they’re committed to erasing homosexuals. They won’t defend Navratilova because she’s actually listening to her fellow lesbians and taking us seriously. She listened to me when I informed her that “TERF” is a hate term used to silence, harass, and threaten lesbians for being same-sex attracted.

TERF Is Hate Speech and It’s Time to Condemn It

Dr. Rachel McKinnon is a gender extremist who’s famous for trolling lesbians, women discussing our sex-based rights, and sportswomen, most notably Martina Navratilova. McKinnon routinely calls lesbians and feminists “TERFs,” but critics who call out that hate speech have been punished while Twitter has done nothing to McKinnon.

McKinnon has used the hate term “TERF,” but Twitter has never punished her for it. Here she creates a new slur.

The problem is much bigger than McKinnon and Gorcenski, though. An extreme brand of gender activism, which is rooted in homophobia and misogyny, is going unchecked on Twitter. This is a violation of the terms of service.

“TERF” is clearly hate speech against lesbians for being same-sex attracted.
Extremist gender activist Danielle Muscato remains unpunished for hate speech, exposing the problem with Twitter’s new “misgendering” policy.
This is both homophobic and violent.

While so-called “LGBT+” organizations, media, and self-appointed advocates are demonizing Navratilova, actual trans people respect and support her. They also support the lesbian community and women’s rights and boundaries.

Trans activist Debbie Hayton stands with Martina Navratilova.
Trans people stand up for Martina Navratilova

“XTRAs,” a term coined by user Altered Squid, means “extreme trans activists.” Unfortunately, these gender extremists have hijacked the trans rights movement. They attack trans people who reject their narrative and try to get them deplatformed from Twitter. These extremists are attempting to redefine what a lesbian is, and when that fails they shame lesbians for our same-sex attraction. The term “cotton ceiling” is all about extremist trans women trying to break the boundary of lesbianism: same-sex attraction. This is rape culture, and unfortunately “LGBT+” organizations and media have been supporting it and trying to legislate discrimination. That’s why lesbians want to “get the L out” of the LGBT.

“Cisbian” is a homophobic term.
This is what the “cotton ceiling” is. This is rape culture.

There’s no such thing as a “cis lesbian” or “cisbian,” and it’s homophobic to state otherwise. Yet Twitter doesn’t take action against this lesbophobia. A lesbian is a female homosexual, and homosexuals are same-sex attracted. Gender has nothing to do with it.

Lesbian = Female Homosexual

We’ll see what happens with Meghan’s Murphy’s lawsuit, but Twitter should be even more concerned that they’ve opened themselves up for multiple class action lawsuits regarding sex-based rights, since they’re discriminating against lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, girls, and women by prioritizing extremist gender ideology over legally protected classes. Homosexuality (exclusive same-sex attraction) is a protected characteristic in Western law.

Twitter has not only failed to enforce their terms of service; they’ve directly silenced lesbians for asserting our reality, and that’s discrimination. Perhaps the site needs government regulation. Will lawsuits force a change? The lesbian and gay rights movement advocated for and worked on getting homosexuality protected. Now modern “LGBT+” organizations and media have sold us out and are attempting to erase homosexuals and all of our sex-based rights. Twitter executives and investors, it’s time to listen to lesbians instead of attacking our human rights.

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