February 28th 2017

My first semester at BCIT was so busy. Each day was full of working on assignments and trying to manage my time properly. I was overwhelmed with being at a new school with a bunch of people I didn’t know and I felt pretty alone for the first month. Naturally, I found a group of people I really liked and I started to feel comfortable. By the time Christmas break rolled around I was extremely content with how my life was panning out. I passed all my classes (no surprise there, but I was overjoyed nonetheless), felt like I fit in really well with my peers, and I had the full support of my parents back home. By the time second semester rolled around I was so excited to be back at school. Within the first week back we were bombarded with homework, which I obviously expected. This semester has been substantially more difficult than the first one. We have more classes and all of our projects are always due around the same time so it’s difficult to manage our time when there are big projects due on the same day in literally every single class. Sometimes I feel like I’m actually going crazy. Whenever my friends from home ask me about all the work I have to do I always tell them that all of these projects will be the death of me. Then they ask “why are you doing this then?” and I always resond with “because I love it”. And it’s true! I absolutely love this program and all of the people in it. Choosing to go to BCIT was honestly the best decision I have ever made. If I went down to Victoria with my friends from high school my life would be very different and I don’t think it would be different in a good way. My second semester is coming to an end soon and I can’t believe how quickly this school year has gone by.