theo, 5 months.

babies grow and learn so fast, it is truly amazing. theo is very obviously trying or doing something new every day — i should take a hint.

when i wrote about his fourth month, i ended with “we’ll see how much any of this changes over the next 11 days” a bit facetiously. i really didn’t think all that much would change. but i’m just a dumb first-time mom.

at that point, he had no interest in rolling from back to tummy. now, nearly every time i lay him down he is rolling that direction. it is super helpful during diaper changes.

he’s also sprouting two teeth on the bottom. he hasn’t been too cranky about it yet, i hope he keeps his shit together as they continue cutting through.

ELEVEN DAYS. my baby figured out how to roll over and grow teeth in eleven days. all i managed to do in that time was pick a screaming fight with my husband and have a major emotional meltdown about forgetting the date of a boat party.

eats: still exclusively breastfed, but i did buy an avocado this week to try and feed him.

favorite toys: some weird little guy that giggles when you push him, and still loves the soccer ball. he gets so excited when we make him kick it, and he even seems to try and kick it himself if he is laying or sitting and we set it on his lap.

sleep: made it back to normal sleep last week. we’re transitioning out of the swaddle right now so we’re up a little bit more but usually just for a minute.

what’s funny: standing over him and dancing, blowing on his face, sometimes giggles endlessly at seemingly nothing at all.

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