🙅 Social Media is Not a Strategy
John-Erik Moseler 🚀

I love this: “ Social media is not good or bad; it just mirrors and magnifies the good and the bad in relationships: It can spread gossip and negativity like mean girls wearing pink on Wednesdays, or it can share encouragement and hope around the globe like Humans of New York. It just depends on what is in the heart of the user. Careful that your thumbs don’t launch words of mass destruction.”

So often I see Facebook posts about how a person hates it, hates the negativity and is contemplating leaving (or in some cases actually does). What I find amusing about this is that they are using social media to complain about social media. Responding to negativity with negativity.

When I started my journey with social media it seemed that a lot of people saw social media as its own world, an “online world” — not the “real world”. I looked at it as the “real world” but plastered on an online billboard.

As always love reading your take on life.

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