I feel it violates — Don’t sensationalize the suicide.
rhonda talbot

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for clarifying. I wanted to be sure I was understanding your point before responding. I am wondering if this is a difference in the lens through which we view the world. I noticed that you’re a writer and film exec, based on your brief bio, and I know that the media is taught to not publicize suicide letters, speak the names of shooters at school shootings, and to not give details regarding the suicide.

Then there’s my world, the world of psychology, where we are taught to call things out and give them names. When I have a client come in to my office, even hinting at “not wanting to be here” anymore, I immediately jump to a suicide assessment that includes very specific questions about a means and method, plans, intent, etc. I’ve also had clients come in and tell me about friends that they’ve known who committed suicide (or attempted) and I allow them the free reign of the English language to say whatever is on their mind. Even when it means they’re telling me that they wish they could be dead, too. In that moment, my task is to help them to not act on those thoughts and feelings. My task is not to shut them down or tell them to stop glamorizing something. I just accept their feelings as they are, hoping I can change their intentions and urges.

I see your point about how the show has lengthy scenes about some tough topics (understatement of the year, right?). But again, I’m not sure why this show is getting all the heat. Never seen it, but Game of Thrones has some crazy rape scenes I believe. And suicide? Virgin Suicides did that way back when.

Maybe it’s the word “glamorize” that is holding me up. I don’t see anything glamorous about bleeding out in a bathtub. There is no beauty in the scene. There is no beauty in the after-effects of her suicide. There might have been beauty at the beginning of her story (perhaps even glimpses of it throughout, she’s just unable to see it herself). But where is the charm, the glamour, the beauty, in depression, suicide, bullying, rape, and pain?

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